With the Skills of | Home Defense (FULL DIGITAL UNIT)

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This unit is part of our “WITH THE SKILLS OF” category.  When this this unit is released, you will receive:

  • 12 lessons (20 minutes per lesson)
  • ALL four journals
    • elementary, middle school, high school, adult
    • specifically choreographed to be used together
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  • Contributions from experts and professionals in particular professions or skill trades from across the world
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For this unit we have two contributors, both of whom were State Department diplomatic security specialists for U.S. Ambassadors, as well as for the creator of Microsoft.  They so thoroughly know the ins and outs of how to keep a building safe, how to check for security vulnerabilities, how to prevent intruders, how to spot anything out of the ordinary, how to best utilize alarms, how to avoid any sort of tampering… really, their career is keeping the ‘most important people’ in the US (and their families) safe, while in their home and out of it.  This is really just as much family defense as it is home defense.

Who better to share with you how to defend your own home and keep your own ‘most-important-people’ safe?

Not interested in Home Defense?  We think you should do this unit, anyway!  Why?  Because we know you’re interested in the safety of your family, and that’s really what home defense is all about.  Especially in these difficult times, as they are in America (but also for everywhere else in the world).  As parents are learning to safeguard and defend their home, children will be learning skills of situational awareness, safety concepts, immediate action drills, electronic security vulnerabilities… and how to make better decisions overall in life.  These are spectacular lessons for living all around, even for those not particularly interested in “home defense,” so we suggest you grab your family, sit down around the campfire (or wherever!) and join with us!



*released 10/31/2020*
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