IN THE SEASON OF | Giving Thanks

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This unit will only be available during the holiday season!

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Do you need intentional gratitude in your life? Do you need your holiday season to be filled with rich discussion, sharing, and family tradition…. but with the simplicity and relief of an autumn breeze? Do you need some new ways to bring the family together and embrace one another, refocusing on what matters most? Then this is what you want.


Last year, a customer wrote into us that because of this unit, they finally reached out to a family member from whom they had been estranged… and they reconnected, in tears of remorse and also gratitude. There is no greater compliment than to hear how God has used something in such a wonderful way! There are lessons where family members are challenged to look one another in the eye (or write a letter) and share what they are grateful for. There are lessons where the family interviews grandparents and writes down traditions (new and old, to keep forever!). There are new “tradition” ideas in every lessons, including ones dealing with those who are homeless, hurting, or lonely… and also including ones like pumpkin bowling. There are lessons on the difference between gratitude and happiness. There is biblical discussion on what it means to be grateful…

The unit is intentionally simpler than our others and also includes fun festive treats—candy apples, pumpkin spice lattes (again, another reason alone to get the unit haha), harvest dip… Plus, moms get a Thanksgiving planner built right in!

Oh… and of course we share the story of Thanksgiving (Pilgrims? Natives? Sir Martin Frobisher? Samuel de Champlain? Order of Good Cheer? Sarah Josepha Hale? What’s it all about?! Americans and Canadians BOTH get their answers!).

This unit is a fall and Gratitude Unit Study with history interspersed (Canadian history bonus is also included!!). It is intentionally much simpler and different than our other units, to allow for something “short and sweet” to add to your Thanksgiving holiday.  You will be making new family traditions, embracing old and almost-forgotten ones, experiencing Native traditions, sharing secret codes… there will be poems, music, a couple recipes (pumpkin spice latte that’s DELICIOUS!, etc)…and plenty of things for dads, as well. We will be learning bits of American and Canadian history while embracing the fall chill in the air, cuddled up with hot cocoa, and dreaming of marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes… Most importantly, you will be growing closer together as a family while refocusing your attention on the one who deserves gratitude the most: Jesus. You’ll have moments of laughter, moments of sharing, and moments of gratitude. The true meaning of the holiday is the focus of this unit: THANKSgiving. It is 12 lessons, but you can easily complete 1-2 (or even 3) lessons a day. 

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With this holiday bonus unit, you receive:

  • 12 lessons, including a monthly Thanksgiving  planner
  • Guidebooks:
    • Early Learner
    • Growing/Advanced (combo, joined together)
    • Canadian Add-on
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