IN THE SEASON OF | Giving Thanks

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This unit will only be available during the holiday season!

This unit is more of a Fall and Gratitude Unit Study. It is intentionally simpler than our other units, to allow for something “short and sweet” to add to your Thanksgiving holiday.  You will be making new family traditions, embracing old and almost-forgotten ones, experiencing native traditions, sharing secret codes… there will be poems, music, recipes…and plenty of things for dads, as well. Plus, moms get a Thanksgiving planner built right in! We will be learning new bits of history while embracing the fall chill in the air, cuddled up with pumpkin lattes, and dreaming of marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes… Most importantly, you will be growing closer together as a family while refocusing your attention on the one who deserves gratitude the most: Jesus. You’ll have moments of laughter, moments of sharing, and moments of gratitude. The true meaning of the holiday is the focus of this unit: THANKSgiving. More details under “Description” below.

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With this limited edition bonus unit, you receive:

  • ~12 lessons, including a November and Thanksgiving-specific daily planner (for moms or kids)
  • ALL journals
    • pre-reader to adult!
    • specifically choreographed to be used together
    • Just download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and go!
  • Downloads appear immediately after purchase and can also be accessed through an account page, if desired
  • You get to keep your products forever, to be reused over and over again as the children grow


In the Season of | Giving Thanks unit is detailed above.  It is the same unit we released last year EXCEPT it will be revamped and so much better.  Anybody who purchased the original will automatically get the new and updated version in their account, free of charge.
In the Season of | Thanksgiving will be a brand new, completely different unit that can be purchased independently of the original unit.
It falls more in line with the rest of our holiday units in its style that our customers love. It is taught through a 100% living book format and has a high historical focus (think of how we did Independence Day, etc). Your family will be brought to the time period and see events unfolding through the characters’ eyes themselves. History and present day collide in an incredible story that makes you want to celebrate Thanksgiving like you never have before. It is captivating; it is meaningful; it will also bring you back to your roots and remind you what Americans celebrate every year. We have a unique twist on this storyline that we think you will love, and we can’t wait to share it!
**Of note: any point in history where there are “debates” over what happened, we will provide the information from both points of view so as to allow the parent to take it in their desired direction; all of our sources will be primary sources.**
•Both will be ~12 lessons
•Both units could be done independently or together…or one after the other… 🙂
•In the Season of | Giving Thanks has a goal of the family completing it by Thanksgiving day (only because there are some traditions and gratitude prompts that will be done on Thanksgiving day, and the Thanksgiving planner is for that actual holiday, etc).
•In the Season of | Thanksgiving could be continued past Thanksgiving, if that was your desire
•Both units compliment each other 100%.
•Neither unit will be available after the holiday (until the following year)
•Both units will be split into three age groups instead of five (as we do for all holiday and mini units): Advanced Learner (high school and adult), Growing Learner (3rd – 8th), Early Learner (pre-reader to 2nd).
•In the Season of Thanksgiving will have Core Connections; In the Season of Giving Thanks will not




*RELEASED 10/19/20*

*Revamped 10/19/21*