In the Season of | Caroling Noel (Full Digital Unit)


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With this unit, you receive:

    • 12 open-and-go lessons
    • ALL guidebooks included to cover the whole family, aged pre-reader to adult
      • All guidebooks are specifically choreographed to be used together
    • Core Connections are included, to extend this into an all-in-one unit study, covering multiple school subjects (all ages)
    • Just download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and go!
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Our units are taught through living book format.They are applicable to all age levels, pre-reader to adult.  If you would like to see how we adjust each level for difficulty (while allowing the whole family to come together), please visit this page HERE.


Imagine it: the simple beauty of a hymn study linking hands with Christmas… and you have a Christ-centered holiday carol study (or what we like to call a “Noel” study).  Our Caroling Noel Christmas unit study is a unit that brings to life the characteristics of Christmas time: peace, comfort and moments of quiet… while warming you with the love of hymns/carols, rich history, and worship of our Savior.

It’s a unit that beckons you down a path that meanders throughout the world, from continent to continent and from generation to generation…. And yet, it’s a unit that allows your family to sit in the perfect quiet of your own home—in awe as you embrace the beauty of Christmas noels of Jesus’ birth like you never have before…..

This unit is beautifully simple, yet beautifully complex.  It’s beautifully full of worship.  It’s everything you didn’t even know you wanted for your Christmas season–drawing emotions from you very core.  We won’t tell you everything that’s included because the list is too long to type.  But we can assure you that we kept it in Campfire style: we crammed SO MUCH in such a sweetly perfect amount of time.  Take a look at our sample pages.  We searched and searched, but could not find any other study out there that even compared to the content we included in this study.  We made sure to keep our living book format for complete captivation.  We put our whole hearts into this!  This unit can be used alongside our original Christmas unit (which would be AMAZING), or it can be used completely alone.  Both can be completed with or without the included Core Connections, as well. There are real (and amazingly beautiful) stories that stem from war and raw stories of men of the past, and dads may really enjoy this unit, as well!!!  You’ll see how it all goes together with Christmas carols and noels… it’s so impactful!


This is a holiday unit and is intentionally much simpler than our norm.

IN THIS HOLIDAY UNIT ONLY: There was no need to separate the GROWING/ADVANCED guidebook, as we do with most units.  We worked hard and were able to make ONE joined GROWING/ADVANCED guidebook applicable to elementary – adult.  If you see any colored font (green font) in this guidebook, it is simply a “heads up” that the information is usually intended for older students.  There is not sensitive information contained within (merely more in-depth concepts), so it can be ignored OR read by younger students as desired.

Early Learner Guidebook is still separated as its own guidebook, as usual.


This can be used as core curriculum during the month of December (with Core Connections) or as a morning basket item/evening devotional (without Core Connections). 

*Areas of focus – quick glimpse:*

SOCIAL STUDIES: Musicians, composers, lyricists

GEOGRAPHY: We are kind of traveling the world in this one (get ready for some “around the world” Christmas traditions and activities, too!)

HISTORY: Heavy emphasis on 1800s – present day

SCIENCE: Physics of sound and music intermixed with nature studies/astronomy

LANGUAGE ARTS: Letter writing, poetry, etymology

MATH SUPPLEMENTATION: Probability and odds (re: Jesus and prophecy)

*SECULAR CUSTOMERS: Please note this unit is fully faith-based
*CATHOLIC CUSTOMERS: There are two faith talks (more like devotionals in this unit) which will conflict with your beliefs. The rest of the unit should be fine.




1st release: 10/22/22

Additional information


All-in-One w/ Core Connections Companion, Single Subject Option


Full Unit




U.S. History – Important People/Inventions/Events, U.S. History – Major Wars, – 500 BC – 500 AD: World History (Classical Antiquity), 1700s – 1800s: World History (Industrial Age), 1800s: U.S. History (Civil War), Music History




Song/Music Analysis

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for In the Season of | Caroling Noel (Full Digital Unit)

  1. Natalie Duhon (verified owner)

    My all time favorite unit! Learning the true meaning behind well known Christmas carols helped me understand and love Jesus even more!

  2. Tamara Pierce (verified owner)

    I recently purchased your Carols Christmas Unit which is a Campfire Curriculum first for us. I just wanted to write to tell you how absolutely phenomenal I found the curriculum. I was a music major in University and then completed my MD, which I retired from in order to homeschool my children full-time. The Core Concepts which delved into the physics and biology of music were outstanding and I was excited daily by the ideas and concepts. I had, to date, not attempted a unit study which didn’t require a separate student manual, and we found the single text interactive approach liberating, creative, and extremely well suited to our unique familial approach to academics. We created the straw pan-flute and it did actually work beautifully, as promised. We listened to clip after clip from the recommended links and my children could contrast and compare preferences. Knowing the history behind the songs allowed for a more intimate love and understanding of the traditional carols. ‘Hearing’ them with all 5 senses found my son sitting in a Christmas concert doing a spontaneous line drawing of an entire choral piece.
    All this to say Thank You, and please do continue to release your excellent works.
    With anticipation.

  3. Rebecca Toney (verified owner)

    Such an amazing unit. It truly touches the heart and captivates the beauty of the season. It was such a hit in our house. This was our second Campfire unit, we can’t wait to do more!

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