We believe the traditional Christian teachings, as revealed in the Bible.

  1. There is only one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. God has full control and authority. He created the world and everything in it. He has shown us what He is like, has a plan to save us, and will one day judge everyone.
  3. The Bible is God’s Word to us. There are no contradictions or errors in it. It is the final Word in all matters. Behavior, belief, and thought are to submit to His Word just as a knight submits to his king.
  4. Jesus Christ is God, but is also a real human. He was born of a virgin, died on the cross, physically came back to life, and now He reigns.
  5. Everyone is a sinner.  We were all born into sin. The punishment for sin is death and eternal separation from God in hell. 
  6. We can repent and be forgiven and cleansed from all of our sins.  We do not deserve or earn God’s forgiveness. God gives it to those who turn to Him and follow Him by faith.  
  7. Forgiveness is not an excuse to intentionally continue sinning; a repentant heart is a sign of a godly heart.
  8. God gives grace, strength, and gifts through the Holy Spirit acting in people’s lives.  The Holy Spirit also turns people away from sin and toward God.  The Holy Spirit lives in Christians, sanctifying them and making them more like Jesus, enabling them to live for Jesus in this world. 
  9. The Holy Spirit’s gifts and God’s grace are not, in any way, to be used for our own glory.
    • Side note: since many in the NAR movement do not self-identify as NAR and instead self-identify as Christian, it can be confusing for customers.  Therefore, we feel the need to outwardly express the following: we do NOT endorse or support anything in the NAR movement (or the WoF movement), nor do we recognize it as Biblical Christianity.  We also deny the false claims of prosperity preaching and any other theology that preaches contrary to the Bible.
  10. The Church is made up of all true Christians throughout the world. We believe in the joining together of believers to worship throughout the week.
  11. Jesus will one day return. He will judge everyone, rightly punishing those who have rejected God’s offer of forgiveness, and welcoming true followers into everlasting glory.
  12. Even as a follower of Christ, we are constantly being renewed and sanctified.  We are flawed, we are sinful, and we get it wrong–a lot.  We are grateful for such a merciful Savior.
  13. There are many other things the Bible teaches, but as we are not accustomed to writing out statements of belief in an orderly fashion like this, we ask that if you have questions, please ask.  If we left off something glaringly obvious (brain freeze), please remind us.  Thank you!

Bible verses in our units, unless otherwise specified, will be in ESV.

We have had those in the LDS community ask about a historical reference made in our curriculum to Joseph Smith, and the details and screen shot of our curriculum on that topic can be seen here in our Facebook group. Of note, we do not align with LDS teachings, though we have many LDS customers who use our curriculum.

FINAL NOTE: Since there can be so many variables even within denominations, we typically do not associate the curriculum with one denomination in particular, as we feel all doctrine and theology should submit to Scripture.  This is why it is important that each individual church (and curriculum, etc) have a statement of faith (or a doctrinal statement).

Men are fallible interpreters of God’s Word.  We are Christians who place all fallible writings of man under the subjection of the infallible Word of God.  Again, if you have any direct questions, we are happy to answer.  Just contact us on our contact page!




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