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With this unit, you receive:

  • 12 open-and-go lessons
  • ALL guidebooks included to cover the whole family, aged pre-reader to adult
  • All guidebooks are specifically choreographed to be used together
  • Core Connections are included, to extend this into an all-in-one unit study, covering multiple school subjects (all ages)
  • Just download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and go!
  • Downloads appear immediately after purchase on your device screen and can be accessed through active account pages
  • You get to keep your products forever, to be reused over and over again as the children grow
  • Optional Book Lists, included for free
  • Optional shopping list (minimal – most or all items can be found around the home!)


The series is in line with our “In the Steps of” units!

This geography series is crammed with American history, science, life skills, economics, important people, politics, geography, and FUN!  We are creating units by region one at a time and are releasing individually.  Once all units in the series are published, we will offer a bulk price for all.

  • If you wanted a series that was “Cook through the Cuisine of the United States,” you got it!
  • If you wanted a series that included state parks throughout the entire U.S., this is it! Yep, you read that right. We focus on the best in each state!
  • If you wanted a follow-up to our History’s Mysteries unit with more mysteries to solve, it’s in here, too!
  • If you wanted the culture, climate, politics, fun facts, and historical landmarks in the U.S. (in a way that your family will love and retain), we tied it up in a nice little bow!
  • If you wanted to know the landscape and the regions within each state, just flip the page!
  • If you wanted to learn about amazing individuals who formed this land into what it is, it’s all wrapped up in this series, as well.
  • If you wanted poetry and art studies with passion, so that your family will care about why it matters… it’s this one.
  • If you wanted a series smothered in the history of the United States (from specific details of wars to the people who were in charge, to the most important historical landmarks), it’s this series, too!
  • If you wanted a series something covered in science (the science of marshes, Snell’s law and refraction, engineering, how deserts are formed, etc.), we’ve got you covered.
  • Oh, and we also included extensions for economics, too, including farm-to-table talk.  AND you and your family will learn life/job skills throughout the entire unit, as it applies to what we learn in each state!

Keeping to our Campfire style, we bring the United States to life in this geography series.  You can walk into the depths of each state and journey in the steps of our wonderful country.

While this is a bit to cover, we didn’t leave out any of it!  Instead, we provided it all and set up the units in this series so that you could easily hop over the sections you were not interested in.  
1.       Tour Guide – What the state is like, landscape, background, etc.
2.      Culture Corner – A bit more about lifestyle and culture, weather, or more
3.      Extra, Extra / News – Important landmarks or newsworthy material that matters to the state’s history or adds to the fascination (including history’s mysteries)
1.        Figures that Formed Us – History, important people, or art
[Some lessons have a heavier reading section; others 
focus on art, poetry, literature, or picture studies]
2.       State Parks – Highlight on a state park
3.       Think Tank/Faith Talk – Ethics, critical thinking, devotionals
4.       Activities – Each state activity will uniquely include cuisine, amazing landmarks, bucket list items, and/or life 
and job skills, etc.
Along the journey, you will also have fun state facts, political polarity, regular state facts, science applications, language arts applications, monument spotlights, 
and weird and wacky things.
You can choose to utilize some sections the first time around and other sections the next time (to repeat it for years to come, as if it’s brand new every time).  You can do the opposite and even choose to complete multiple lessons at once!  It is variable.  It is designed for flexibility.

You can use this for a 20-minute extra after “regular school,” OR use it as a standalone when desired.  Each unit will have a prologue that continues from the former unit.  If you want the storyline, you can go in order and read the prologues.  If you don’t want to go in order, skip around as you’d like and ignore the prologue storyline.  Simple as that!

This series was specifically made with ALL ages in mind. Too often, those who are in high school (or adulthood) learned about the “50 states” in a way that wasn’t enjoyable, impactful, or memorable. We hope to allow them to go back and embrace the beauty that our country holds, in our “Campfire” style, along with younger ages, as well! As always, our units are made for all ages, leveled appropriately.


We worked very hard to be able to combine the Pre-Reader/Growing/Advanced guidebook into one, and we were able to do it!  Though this isn’t always possible, we made it work!  In this combined guidebook, colored font in the sidebar will be for more mature students (less advanced students will skip those sections).   Likewise, Early Reader does not need a separate guidebook since this is a geography series.  We included an oversized map print off for the littles to color/draw during the reading, and we made activities applicable to them, as well.  We worked this out to make it VERY simple for our customers, and they get it all together wrapped up in one! 

This series does NOT include a separate Core Connections Companion, as it would be unrealistic for most people who are doing some of these lessons in different order, etc. However, we included options and suggestions in the lessons for parents to be able to turn it into a full curriculum, if desired. 


RELEASED: 2023-2024


Our units are taught through living book format.They are applicable to all age levels, pre-reader to adult.  If you would like to see how we adjust each level for difficulty (while allowing the whole family to come together), please visit this page HERE.

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Free Sample, Unit 1 (New England), Unit 2 (Mid-Atlantic), Unit 3+ (not yet released)


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