Thanksgiving – Special Edition (FULL DIGITAL UNIT)

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With this limited edition bonus unit, you receive:

  • 10 lessons, including a November and Thanksgiving-specific daily planner (for moms or kids)
  • ALL journals 
    • elementary, middle school, high school, adult +some pre-reader pages!
    • specifically choreographed to be used together
    • Just download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and go!
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In this unit, your family will get to experience what Thanksgivings were like from the very first, until present day.  And we don’t just mean back to the times of the Pilgrims. What do we mean, you ask?  We will let our historian contributors and other history gems share that with you in the unit.  A true Thanksgiving heritage, like many have never heard before.

You will be making new family traditions, embracing old and almost-forgotten ones, experiencing native traditions, sharing secret codes… there will be poems, music, recipes…and plenty of things for dads, as well. Plus, moms get a Thanksgiving planner built right in!

We will be learning new bits of history while embracing the fall chill in the air, cuddled up with pumpkin lattes, and dreaming of marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes…

Most importantly, you will be growing closer together as a family while refocusing your attention on the one who deserves gratitude the most: Jesus.

You’ll have moments of laughter, moments of sharing, moments of history like you’ve never heard, and moments of gratitude.

This won’t be like any other Thanksgiving unit you’ve ever done before!

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*RELEASED 10/19/20*

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