Through the Eyes of History’s Mysteries






    • 12 open-and-go lessons PLUS an extra bonus within the unit
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      • All guidebooks are specifically choreographed to be used together
    • Core Connections are included, to extend this into an all-in-one unit study, covering multiple school subjects (all ages)
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Our units are taught through living book format. If you would like to see how we adjust each level for difficulty (while allowing the whole family to come together), please visit this page HERE.

As always, this unit can be used as your core curriculum, or as an extracurricular (or fun with mom or dad!).


Mysteries in history… What actually happened?  What’s true and what’s not?  Can you separate fact from fiction?  Evidence and investigation… what are good sources for reliability?  How can you form your own theories? 

From critical thinking to science to investigations… and how to be a great historian while you’re at it.  That’s what this unit is all about!  

Escape from Alcatraz, JFK assassination, explosions in Siberia, the Bermuda Triangle, and so much more!  Get ready to jump in and explore everything from declassified CIA and FBI files to the words of John White and the mystery of Roanoke… and everything else in between.  The unit covers even MORE than what is shown in the table of contents, due to our SYW pages.  We know you are already chomping at the bit, so we will leave this here and let you jump in… if you dare…


This unit is intended for more mature students (re: parental discretion). This unit is filled with historical mysteries—many of which include death, war, assassinations, loss of family, and other things which might be too heavy for younger or sensitive children.  We, of course, maintained a delicate writing style as we always do, but the overall “theme” of many mysteries in history happens to be very intense.  The unit also includes things like “mysteries found in the Declaration of Independence” or the “CIA” which younger students might not understand or appreciate, if they do not already understand the importance of the Declaration of Independence or the CIA (this is just a simplified example).  They don’t need to know the details; just general awareness of it helps to add the element of suspense.  As such, we again encourage it for students who have a basic awareness, in general, so they can appreciate the mystery a little bit more.  

However, keep in mind that if your student doesn’t yet know some of the concepts discussed (like what the CIA is), it is also a really fantastic way to serve as the launching point for such discussions!

For those who aren’t as familiar with some basic concepts, our “GROWING” guidebooks will hold hands and water down ideas (with extra explanation with the colored font in the side bar).  As usual, it will be different in the ADVANCED guidebook.  And as always, the black font (main lesson content) will match in all guidebooks.  


As with our Military unit, this unit is unique in that it will NOT include a pre-reader attachment, but it can still be applicable to all ages. This does NOT mean that younger kids cannot do the unit.  It means that if a younger child is mature enough to do the unit, we made it to where they can use the GROWING guidebook. We even included coloring pages. Our Early Learner guidebooks in most units are intended to keep little hands occupied in a unique way as they listen to what is contained in the older guidebooks.  Given the mature and realistic content included in this unit (which often includes loss of life), such a setup would not have been ideal.  Therefore, we made ALL activity options in the GROWING/ADVANCED guidebooks applicable to ALL ages (pre-reader to adult). If your younger child is not yet reading but IS mature enough for concepts of murder, mysteries, assassinations, crime, and war, then they will be mature enough to listen to the lesson and complete the activities in the guidebook along with you.  We did not include a separate Early Learner guidebook for this reason.


This can be used as core curriculum (with Core Connections) or as an extracurricular (without Core Connections). 

*Areas of focus – quick glimpse:*

HISTORY FOCUS: Mysteries in history (classical time period – 1970s)

LANGUAGE ARTS FOCUS: Etymology, Morphology, Test-taking skills

SCIENCE FOCUS: Physics, Oceanography, Earth Science



Released: April 4, 2023

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All-in-One w/ Core Connections Companion, Single Subject Option


Full Unit




Historian or Historiographer


U.S. History – Important People/Inventions/Events, 1980 – Present: U.S. History (Modern Age), World History – Important People/Inventions/Events


Earth Science, Physics


Grocery Planning, Map Reading

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Through the Eyes of History’s Mysteries
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