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*Extra large mini units have fewer lessons but are closer to the size of a full unit, with all the extras and SYW pages.
*Samples of a few pages in lesson 1 are in images above*

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    • Core Connections are included, to extend this into an all-in-one unit study, covering multiple school subjects (all ages)
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Our units are taught through living book format. If you would like to see how we adjust each level for difficulty (while allowing the whole family to come together), please visit this page HERE.

As always, this unit can be used as your core curriculum, or as an extracurricular (or fun with mom or dad!).


Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like?  Hasn’t it ever crossed you mind if you could could do it?  In the 1800s, thousands did.  They either packed or sold everything they owned, loaded into a covered wagon, and set out for a promise of land that was hundreds or thousands of miles away. Homesteaders, they were called… settlers and pioneers.  And they were determined to secure their future, but in order to make it they would need to survive off the land.  Where would they live?  What would they take with them?  How would they cook food?  What about water, a way to cook, and food?  Most of us have at least imagined what it would be like… even if it wasn’t for us.  What if we wanted to do it now, in modern times?  Would it have to be all or nothing?  This unit helps you to discover it on your own adventure!

This unit is the perfect kick-off to our Survive series that will offer incredibly rich information to anyone–whether you are wanting to dabble in some self-sustaining or you are a diehard homesteader wanting to try some new techniques.  The first unit in this volume will help you to realize it’s not just about the resources–it’s about knowing how to use them to their ultimate capacity.  That’s what self-sustaining living is all about.  We intentionally created this unit so that the main lessons could be used by families anywhere, with any home, land, lifestyle, or desire.  Whether living in a subdivision or on a farm, don’t know anything about these skills, or have a homestead of your own already… this unit is for you!  Students are learning the ins and outs of resources and learning a new appreciation and new techniques for them all, along with skills many homesteaders don’t know!  Then, the SYW pages dive deep into the “how to” for those wanting to truly grow in the specific homesteading skill.  It all comes back together.  It’s the perfect molding of not just having great resources, but knowing the why and the how behind them.  It takes your hand and leads you through, step-by-step, so you don’t even have to think of what to do next, or how to apply more knowledge.  From cream to eggshells, from cob ovens to rocket stoves, from knot tying to cooling without a refrigerator… we have that and so much more! 

Our core connections take you into the incredible history of the frontier and the settlers that made it their own.  Learn all about the Homestead Act, the Oregon Trail (the other trails, too!), Daniel Boone, and the evolution of the settlers over the 19th century, and more!  All this, while nature journaling and learning grammar rules (and ones you can break), while you’re at it!


We worked very hard to be able to combine the Growing/Advanced guidebook into one, and we were able to do it!  Though this isn’t always possible, we made it work!  In this combined guidebook, colored font in the side bar will be for more mature students, and younger students can merely skip over that part!


This can be used as core curriculum (with Core Connections) or as an extracurricular (without Core Connections). 

*Areas of focus – quick glimpse:*

HISTORY FOCUS: Pioneering in America and historical impacts on the country – 1803 – 1860s

LANGUAGE ARTS FOCUS: Grammar Rules! Punctuation, prepositions, rules you can break, run-on, fragment, etc… PROJECT: nature journaling!

SCIENCE FOCUS: Nutritional Science, Microbiology, and a smaller side focus on physics and design – the unit is packed with real life science!



Released: May 13, 2023


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