Campfire Curriculums




  • These unit studies create an extremely unique type of “job shadowing from home”
  • Contributions for each unit from experts and professionals in the field
  • Together with our contributors, we specifically created each experiential unit study for your family.  Our contributors range from…




  • These unit studies create family bonding through skills enhancement and adventure
  • Contribution for each unit from skilled craftsmen, professional athletes, or experts  
  • Ever wonder how to make the perfect camping trip, homemade cheese, or climb mountains (like, really, Mount Everest Style)…



  • These unit studies dive into unique world experiences and take your family to places you might have never gone
  • Contributions for each unit are from people who have been there and lived through it
  • Think: experience what it would be like in coldest climates in Alaska, understand the faith of a POW, or maybe get inside the mind of a real-life criminal (with a real criminal profiler)…


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Some customer reviews and awards are below!

Awards includes more choices than any other voting site for homeschool curriculum.  We are so honored that among SO many, we have won first place in 2023!

Campfire Curriculums is so honored to have come in FIRST PLACE in all three categories!

  • Unit studies (1st place)
  • Faith based curriculum (1st place)
  • Music Education (1st place; re: Caroling Noel unit)


Domestic Science – 1st place

Real Life Skills – 1st place

Unit Studies – 2nd place

Practical Homeschooling Magazine Awards are the highest honor the home school community can offer.  Out of SO MANY choices, Campfire Curriculums has been voted the best!  The awards issued are the best and only way to easily find out what thousands of your fellow homeschoolers actually recommend as “the best.”  Thank you so much for making Campfire Curriculums top voted in Unit Studies, domestic science, and real life skills!

Life Skills – 1st place
Voted among the top in unit studies & Christian curriculum categories includes more choices than any other voting site for homeschool curriculum.  We are so honored that among SO many, we have been nominated and also won and ranked among the highest on their annual Back to School Awards!


Everyone knows Cathy Duffy is often called the “end-all, be-all” of homeschool curriculum, since she’s been doing it for 40 years!  We are so grateful she chose to review and detail our curriculum!  Here are some of the AMAZING nuggets we pulled from her remarks, as can be found on her website

– “I found the units that I examined for this review to be very interesting, often containing information new to me…”

– “Each lesson begins with information presented in a living book format–like conversations or storytelling rather than a textbook.”

– “The open-and-go design of Campfire Curriculums makes it easy for dads to be involved.”

– “There’s an adventurous spirit behind these studies.”

– “Think Tank [included in each lesson] raises problematic ethical issues and personal applications that are likely to provoke great discussions…”

– “Scattered in various places within the lessons are ‘Cool Teacher Moments,’ which are simple experiments, demonstrations, or activities designed to grab the interest of students…”

– “The information is presented in a very engaging fashion with stories, thought-provoking questions, and fascinating facts.  Instead of completing worksheets, students respond with discussion, research, writing, projects, and presentations (including public speaking).”

– “For language arts, each unit study focuses primarily on one or a few area.  For instance, the primary focus of Through the Eyes of A Storm Chaser and Meteorologist is public speaking.  In the Season of Independence Day, literature-based writing, grammar, and copywork all receive attention.  And Through the Eyes of A Volcanologist teaches how to write a persuasive essay…”

– “Developing self sufficiency is another recurring theme that shows up in some of the studies…”

– “Campfire Curriculums offer unusual topics in a format that allows the whole family, including dads, to learn together…”