Campfire Curriculums




  • These unit studies create an extremely unique type of “job shadowing from home”
  • Contributions for each unit from experts and professionals in the field
  • Together with our contributors, we specifically created each experiential unit study for your family.  Our contributors range from…




  • These unit studies create family bonding through skills enhancement and adventure
  • Contribution for each unit from skilled craftsmen, professional athletes, or experts  
  • Ever wonder how to make the perfect camping trip, homemade cheese, or climb mountains (like, really, Mount Everest Style)…



  • These unit studies dive into unique world experiences and take your family to places you might have never gone
  • Contributions for each unit are from people who have been there and lived through it
  • Think: experience what it would be like in coldest climates in Alaska, understand the faith of a POW, or maybe get inside the mind of a real-life criminal (with a real criminal profiler)…


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Some customer reviews and awards are below!



Domestic Science – 1st place

Real Life Skills – 1st place

Unit Studies – 2nd place

Practical Homeschooling Magazine Awards are the highest honor the home school community can offer.  Out of SO MANY choices, Campfire Curriculums has been voted the best!  The awards issued are the best and only way to easily find out what thousands of your fellow homeschoolers actually recommend as “the best.”  Thank you so much for making Campfire Curriculums top voted in Unit Studies, domestic science, and real life skills!

Life Skills – 1st place
Voted among the top in unit studies & Christian curriculum categories includes more choices than any other voting site for homeschool curriculum.  We are so honored that among SO many, we have been nominated and also won and ranked among the highest on their annual Back to School Awards!


Everyone knows Cathy Duffy is often called the “end-all, be-all” of homeschool curriculum, since she’s been doing it for 40 years!  We are so grateful she chose to review and detail our curriculum!  Here are some of the AMAZING nuggets we pulled from her remarks, as can be found on her website

– “I found the units that I examined for this review to be very interesting, often containing information new to me…”

– “Each lesson begins with information presented in a living book format–like conversations or storytelling rather than a textbook.”

– “The open-and-go design of Campfire Curriculums makes it easy for dads to be involved.”

– “There’s an adventurous spirit behind these studies.”

– “Think Tank [included in each lesson] raises problematic ethical issues and personal applications that are likely to provoke great discussions…”

– “Scattered in various places within the lessons are ‘Cool Teacher Moments,’ which are simple experiments, demonstrations, or activities designed to grab the interest of students…”

– “The information is presented in a very engaging fashion with stories, thought-provoking questions, and fascinating facts.  Instead of completing worksheets, students respond with discussion, research, writing, projects, and presentations (including public speaking).”

– “For language arts, each unit study focuses primarily on one or a few area.  For instance, the primary focus of Through the Eyes of A Storm Chaser and Meteorologist is public speaking.  In the Season of Independence Day, literature-based writing, grammar, and copywork all receive attention.  And Through the Eyes of A Volcanologist teaches how to write a persuasive essay…”

– “Developing self sufficiency is another recurring theme that shows up in some of the studies…”

– “Campfire Curriculums offer unusual topics in a format that allows the whole family, including dads, to learn together…”

What customers say:


What Customers Say
This is incredible! I’m thinking there might need to be a degree or at least certificate to print and frame after finishing this!
– Leslee P.
We are just starting this week and am so excited about it. My husband will for sure be involved when our heart is discipleship! Thank you campfire for answering this call for family’s to connect!
– Sara H

We just finished our unit on Square Foot Gardening. This was one of my favorites. Normally my husband doesn’t get to help out too much in our homeschool. This one he even got into and asked what our next unit was going to be so he could do it with us.

– Christina Salazar

Amazing!!! Wow you guys are covering a ton! I love this

– Rochelle K


I am going to be starting Professional Chef with my 8 year old who looovveess being in the kitchen and the Military one with my 13 year old ! We have tried units in the past and the discussions it has brought on has been amazing ! Also, my two are active boys and this curriculum keeps their attention and they can retain information from the story-format presentation of information. As a new homeschooler having something that is open and go and I can use to springboard into my own rabbit trails is fantastic. My Hubbs who is not a fan of reading joins in when he can . He even commented he’d enjoy doing more of these with the kids – thanks for making something that the whole family can enjoy !

– Ewa L.


We love the open and go and the story way things are told. I am always amazed the stories hold their interest. Even the photography unit held the small ones interest. The research that has gone in to the units is incredible. Then it is presented in a way that holds their interests and mine too.

– Kerri M.


We bought our first unit this week and I am so impressed! I’ve been on the fence for a while but saw the resurrection study and thought maybe we could use it with the teen trafficking victims we work with in juvenile detention. It’s so rich with ideas and information. I am definitely going to purchase more for our family to use!

– Kimberly W.


This is so incredible! I’ve been hoping for something like this since we started homeschooling.

– Jess B.

My girls are loving the ER and Veterinarian studies which makes this RN mamma so happy.

– Sara C.


My kids (7, 8, and 10) loved it and learned so much! My son actually had to go to the hospital after we finished the unit and as the nurse was putting in his IV he was telling her everything he learned about putting IV’s in dogs

– Lori S.


 …We completed the thanksgiving unit study with campfire and it had science, history, art, and literature built in. Highly recommend unit studies!!

-Lauren C.


There is no comparison. You can’t beat the writing and knowledge of a campfire unit.

-Kerri M


Wow! You’ve included an impressive amount in one unit

– Janet S.


 …the read aloud portion ALONE has been so life changing and thought provoking and amazing for our family! We have loved it!
April S. 
Oh, I have been homeschooling for over 20 years and have been waiting on something like this.
– Karen G
Forget about the kids, I’m buying this for myself!
– Teri C


We get so little time with daddy because of his work schedule.
Now he gets to be part of some learning.

– Carmen C

Started the Christmas unit today!! We live on a farm and we had been working so I just went and got lunch so we all sat around at the table to go through it. We actually used plumbers putty to seal the straw. The very first one we did was the Thanksgiving and my husband and at times my father in law sat in on the lesson and seem to really enjoy them.

– Kristina B



You guys are amazing and every unit we have done with you has been fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work.

– Joelle A.


My child loves this unit! So much so that he’s made it last forever with all the research he’s doing completely on his own. He’s only on lesson two, but month two as well!

– Stephanie P

Oh. My. Goodness.
This momma is excited! All the things we love, use and teach our kids! And I incorporate in my practice! Thank you!

– Simon S



Even saw hubby “who doesn’t like reading” sneaking a peek. My son is gonna love it .

– Ewa L.

I just bought this and Square foot gardening for my first purchases and I’m SO glad I did! This unit is the most beautiful unit I’ve ever seen. Dripping with understanding of scripture. I’m eager to see how much deeper my children understand Christ after this

Rae R



We have always done more interest based hands on units. As my boys were getting older I needed some work books to teach them LA/grammer better. It’s not fun for us so we still throw in units when we can. Y’all we are almost finished with Volcanoes and I feel like a for real guru- Ask me anything I’ve done some [another curriculum] before, but it was too lengthy for us. This is so perfect for us and I love the video lengths and info- I’ve never learned any of this in previous volcano units! Fun, engaging and super informative. Excited for our next units

– Amanda E.


This is what draws us in…I love that you feel like you are experiencing the ‘information’ rather than being provided information!
– Leeanne M.
Omg. What a wonderful unit! Feel free to make part one, two, three….and more! I want this one for me

– Breeze N.


We started it yesterday!! The story has just drawn us in!
-Nadia L
Wow!!! This is amazing!!! Thank you guys so much for your hard work and dedication!!!! Sooooo worth the wait!!

-Stephanie J


When we start a new unit, my kids first question is “what fun activities will we be doing?!?!” The stories are engaging, activities are hands on and my kids love taking a break from their regular studies for Campfire studies. We are enjoying the Resurrection Day study right now and will be doing photography and natural medicine during our summer “break”. Will probably ass the Independence Day one as well
– Cindy 
 …My boys and I have loved our Campfire curriculums so far! I love the idea of adding a themed element to our weekly schooling. It helps us all get more excited for upcoming holidays and I love that it keeps Jesus at the center of it all. The stories captivate my kids and they are always so excited for the next lesson…
– Allyson K.


Campfire has been a game changer in our homeschool! We absolutely love how open-and-go it is(less stress for me). We love how it brings us together as a family to learn(myself included). My children love the storyline in the units and especially the hands on activities.  Absolutely love Campfire and recommend these units to everyone

– Jen H.



You have EXCEEDED my expectations! I’m blown away….

– – Chrissy B.


I am so excited for this. We just started our first unit, the ER one and am amazed at how engaging this is and so easy. I have chronic illness and this has been the easiest and most enjoyable of all of our daily school lessons. Thank you!
– Quincey M
We are currently doing sq ft garden with our 6 (to be 7 in March) and 4.5yr old. They are really loving it! They’ve helped some with our annual garden but haven’t had much of an interest in the past. This year, so far, they’re showing more interest and I contribute it to CC.
– Cassandra C
 Campfire was a game-changer for us too! It’s hands-on, practical, and just so perfect for my three, specifically my nearly 13 and nearly 5!
-Leanne M.
We have really enjoyed Campfire. I love that it has opportunities for lots of subjects in each lesson. And my son always learns so much
– Nicole S


Started our first campfire PROFESSIONAL CHEF curriculum today and made COMPOUND BUTTER!! One sweet with honey, cinnamon and sugar and one savory with garlic, onion and herbs! So so good! So educational! Taught by Chef G, aka Daddy!
Inspired by their Opa, who’s an executive chef at a 5 star hotel! Chef Bernhard G
Thanks campfire curriculum! We loved it!

-Katie G


My kids couldn’t believe during the gardening Unit we were about to stop reading to learn how to juggle !! Really makes our school day have moments of connection and joy to get through the harder parts of homeschooling. Thanks for helping me be a fun / cool mom sometimes
– Kari S.
This is one of the reasons I love CC! I hated busy work in public school and not surprisingly my son doesn’t want to do them either. It brings his interest in learning to a screeching halt.

– Becky M


 I am absolutely loving the Resurrection unit. We are crazy busy and I have kids ages 4-15…..when we get to the until tomorrow pages my kids are always disappointed it’s over. My 15yo said, “It’s like a cliff hanger on a TV show!” (He is not new to the Bible) I also sincerely appreciate how in depth the SIYW pages go. This has been a fabulous addition to our mornings

– Carri H



This looks so incredible!!!! Thank you times a million!! I just signed up for the membership based on this unit alone. I am soooooo excited. Starting the volcano unit next week

– Lauri D


We did lesson 5 last night in the resurrection study. I just want to say thank you to the creators!!
My kids got the BIGGEST kick out of including the shepherds into the story! Their faces lit up and they said THE SHEPHERDS FROM WHEN JESUS WAS BORN!!! we had to stop mid story so the kids could recap what happened with the shepherds, I was shocked at how much they remembered! It was very clever, I just loved it! BRAVO campfire!!

– Sammy G.


I love it! It’s packed full of great information.

– Michelle D


You guys have THE BEST science experiments! Easy, educational, and super fun! We tested our soil today to see how much clay, silt, and sand it contains. I never knew we had so much sand. Thank you for making simple experiments that pack a big dose of learning

– Gina L.