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We have many customers who purchase our digital product and immediately upload the PDFs to B&N Press.  B&N Press then prints it into a beautiful book and ships it straight to their door.  This way, customers get the best of both worlds–someone else prints it, and they also have the digital copy for life.  They say it’s like $8 (??) to do this, so many love it!

We, personally, do not often recommend people use Barnes & Noble for printing.  This is because it is notorious for causing issues for users (not just with our PDFs, but in general with errors and not being able to read documents properly).  And, our product is 100% open-and-go and also created so you can use it 100% digitally with a notebook, if preferred!  However, some customers still love the option of B&N Press.  We’ve asked these customers if they would be willing to create a “how-to” for those who want to try it, and one customer–Roxanne Skinner–has been so kind to put this together for us for all of you!  We are so grateful for her!  This is a wonderfully detailed step-by-step instruction sheet with pictures that she put together for all others to use.

We will attach the directions below.  Still know that we do not *personally* always recommend Barnes and Noble because of their many glitches, but if you want to go for it and give it a shot, we’re all for it!  Keep in mind, we cannot speak to their print quality, glitches, or anything else, as it’s a separate business.


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