With the Skills of | A Photographer (mini unit – digital)

$19.95 (or 1 Campfire Credit Currency)


This unit will be great for those who have professional cameras AND those who only have smartphones. We will have customization for both. It’s going to be such a fun unit with photo walks, picture challenges, photo journalism, a silent film option, and even the opportunity for a camera dissection! Types of photography, lighting, aperture, vantage point, white balance… and even some fun insights into old fashioned (historical) film vs. digital! At just six lessons, it will be such a fantastic and easy unit to do at any time.  It’ll also be the perfect way to keep your family actually learning and excited about science, history, Bible, and art…. just by nature of the topic!


**This unit does NOT contain Core Connections like other units and is one of our mini units.  It should only be used as an addition to your core school work**