Through the Eyes of | A Veterinarian

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This unit is part of our “THROUGH THE EYES OF” category.  You will receive:

  • 12 lessons (30 minutes at a time and STOP when the buzzer goes off)
  • ALL journals (~120 pages each for Elementary – Adult)
    • elementary, middle school, high school, adult + pre-reader pages!
    • specifically choreographed to be used together
    • Just download, print, and go!
  • Contributions from experts and professionals in particular professions or skill trades from across the world
  • Downloads appear immediately after purchase and can also be accessed through an account page
  • You get to keep your products forever, to be reused over and over again as the children grow

Come with us on a veterinary adventure!  This unit is taught through a living book format (what seems like just a story is actually an incredible teaching lesson to help the student understand and retain information).  The students will be hypothesizing along with the doctor as each case is presented.  The stories are captivating enough for younger students while the older students will be following along and learning even deeper medical terminology and procedures.  It will feel like you are right there job shadowing the professional.  You will all be learning anatomy, suturing, veterinary labs, diagnosis of exclusion, and SO MUCH MORE!  This unit is incredibly hands on (as always) with multiple game and activity options (although no activity is required).  This is a science-heavy unit, so get prepared to learn a lot and have a lot of fun together as a family while you’re at it!

This unit (as usual) contains Core Connections in the appendix! 

Our language arts Core Connection in this unit is focusing on how to take BIG words and make them SIMPLER (a skill every vet has to learn so they don’t speak to pet owners in medical lingo) .  Think it’s easy? It’s not!  By utilizing the Charlotte Mason principle of “not how much but how well,” we guide you day by day in learning the skill of how to communicate across barriers (be it educational barriers, age, profession, etc).  This is critical for an aspiring veterinarian.  We also tie in bedside manner and empathetic phrases.  Not only are these required skills for the profession, but they are helpful in EVERYday life!  You will be learning the true ART of language.

For History Core Connections, we will be tying in things from great leaders (think Napoleon) and their warrior horses, to the very first veterinarians.  We are including picture studies and even the history of a poodle!

Math Core Connections take you all the way through upper levels (high school) and in the upper levels ties into medicine concentration, dosing, entrepreneurship, and more!  This helps to open up the student’s mind in understanding “Where am I ever going to use this math?” and it sets them on their journey of knowing what kinds of math to study.

This is such a fun unit for the whole family, whether or not you will be a veterinarian one day!

**We do recommend purchasing or making a stethoscope for the unit, but it is certainly not required**