In the Season of | Independence Day

In the Season of | Independence Day


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Our Independence Day unit is all about… Independence Day! It’s not dry. It’s not a boring government unit. It’s about the actual American Revolution, what was happening in that day, and why we celebrate today!  The history in this unit and the social studies will bring this to life in a way that you’ve never had before.

This is going to be about the birth of our country, the Revolutionary War, the celebration of our freedom, and some of the founding fathers who helped create our new nation.

Included are activity options and a living story to transport your family back to that time period (it’s set up very similarly to our Resurrection Day unit study), and also activity options to help reinforce the lesson topic, as well as jump into the present-day festivities and celebrations!

Use as core (history/geography/social studies/language arts/science), or as an elective (add it to what you’re already doing and keep it to 20-30 minutes/day with “Dad” if possible!)

Core Connections are also teaching on:
SCIENCE: chemistry, electrophorus, electroscope, static electricity, atoms (protons, neutrons, electrons), sparks, charges, and periodic table
LANGUAGE ARTS: Writing through literature and using Ben Franklin’s publications as Silence Dogood to learn grammar, spelling, and more


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With this unit, you will receive:

  • 6 lessons (~100 pages each in the Advanced & Growing guidebooks)
  • ALL journals included
    • Early Learner, Growing Learner, Advanced Learner
    • specifically choreographed to be used together
    • Just download, print if desired (or view digitally), and go!
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