Through the Eyes of | A Storm Chaser & Meteorologist

$29.95 (or 1 Credit)

Step into the world of those who throw caution to the wind… literally.  Storm chasers aren’t just “cowboys” or “adrenaline junkies.”  They are our early warning system.  They keep everyone safe.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, derechoes, blizzards…. but it’s not just based on guesses and gut instincts.  It’s based on science…. the science of meteorology.  So come with us into a unit cram-packed with activity options, atmospheric science, physics, chemistry, language arts AND history (never thought you’d say that, right? who knew that a tornado saved Washington and that the first storm chasers were created amidst world wars?)….

With a splash of adrenaline, you can cover all of your school subjects, have a place for dad to join in (if he wants) and get some true understanding into the world of meteorology and storm chasing.

As we wrote in the introduction to the unit: “…whether you are the person afraid of the storm, or the person racing to catch up to one… you are in good company.  Hero? Scientist? Thrill Seeker?  Filled with fear?  Come with us; this unit is for you.”

Core Connections included, so all school subjects are intertwined (except math).

Language Arts Focus throughout entire unit: 7 element of public speaking