Through the Eyes of | A Volcanologist (Full Digital Unit)


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*This is one of our older, original units.  The setup and layout will be different, and it will not include our normal setup for a more enhanced version of Core Connections.  Please see below for details.

With this unit, you receive:

    • 12 open-and-go lessons
    • ALL guidebooks included to cover the whole family, aged pre-reader to adult
      • All guidebooks are specifically choreographed to be used together
    • Core Connections are included, to extend this into an all-in-one unit study, covering multiple school subjects (all ages)
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Our units are taught through living book format.They are applicable to all age levels, pre-reader to adult.  If you would like to see how we adjust each level for difficulty (while allowing the whole family to come together), please visit this page HERE.


This unit is perfect for earth science lovers, those who love adventures, investigating, creating, art, being outdoors, or even those who are sensitive and care about helping people…. truly this unit has something for all!  It is a customer FAVORITE!  The best part: for those actually interested in BECOMING a volcanologist, we have the extra insider information from the real deal, which is an exciting bonus!

One of the people we job shadowed for this unit is a volcanologist who has 20+ years experience in the industry after graduating from UCLA and Stanford.  This volcanologist has worked in Hawaii, Mexico, South America, the Cascades, and more.  Fieldwork, visiting the most incredible volcanoes in real life, instrumentation, chemistry changes, computational models, research, and teaching…. they do it all. 

Not interested in becoming a volcanologist? Don’t skip this unit!  This is an amazing science unit, not to mention there are lessons for the creative heart, along with some lessons on faith, solving mysteries, and even anger management…. really, there are so many things this unit teaches that even if you choose not to become a volcanologist, you still experience incredibly fun and important lessons as you are coming closer together as a family. 


This can be used as core curriculum (with Core Connections) or as an extracurricular (without Core Connections). To see what is covered in each unit, go HERE.


This is one of our older units, so it is separated into five guidebooks instead of three. [pre-reader, elementary, middle school, high school, adult –vs– Early Learner, Growing Learner, Advanced Learner].  We better streamlined the guidebooks (formerly called “journals”) as we went along. 

*Please note, this has our older format for Core Connections.  If you want to see what our current units Core Connections are like, please view our Samples page.*


*Released January 31, 2021

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  1. Natalie Duhon (verified owner)

    This unit was super interesting and the hands on activities were so much fun!

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