In the Steps of The U.S. Military


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    • 12 open-and-go lessons
    • All *digital* guidebooks included to cover elementary to adult
      • All guidebooks are specifically choreographed to be used together
    • Core Connections are included, to extend this into an all-in-one unit study, covering multiple school subjects (all ages)
    • Just download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and go!
    • Downloads appear immediately after purchase on your device screen
    • Optional audio add-on, professionally recorded by a voice actor


Our units are taught through living book format.They are applicable to all age levels, pre-reader to adult.  If you would like to see how we adjust each level for difficulty (while allowing the whole family to come together), please visit this page HERE.


This unit is so rich!  Read about our country’s military like you never have before… Let it no longer be “foreign” to your minds, but close to your hearts as you move “In the Steps of ” the United States military.  In this unit, history and our nation’s military collide in a beautiful tapestry of patriotism and sacrifice.You can’t have an understanding of our military without history, and you don’t have America’s great history without our military.  In this unit, you will be learning about all branches of the U.S. military, now-declassified documents, unique jobs (not just infantry), heroic members, fascinating stories of men and women who have served, important battles, a glimpse of special operations,  spouses, families, highlights into other countries, American history and major wars, ranks, structure, lifestyle, and how it all collides together.

This will be a unit that brings to life what our incredible military is truly like (living book style), what wars actually are, and the significance of both men and women who have served or are still serving our country. 

This  unit is for everyone–homeschooled or not–and it is created to connect to the heart of every reader.  We even include hand-written letters from the past to give a further understanding of and connection to exactly what goes on behind the scenes (that most civilians don’t know)!

It’s open-and-go, full of activities, deep faith talks, rich family discussions, critical thinking, possible career choice options (many you probably didn’t know existed, with more knowledge of what it ACTUALLY looks like to serve) and more.  As always, the SYW pages are available for those who want to dive head first in to this topic but are easily skipped if you just want an overview. Adaptable for your family’s needs and wants.

After this unit, we are planning on releasing a very special mini unit written by the dad who created Campfire Curriculums (to be released in the future; this unit should be completed first). It will introduce the special operations side of the military. Those interested can learn more about the elite warriors from one of their own who made a career of it!  Think: Special Forces, CAG, Navy SEALs (SOs), DEVGRU, PJs, MARSOC, Combat Control, and 75th Rangers (etc)! You won’t want to miss it!


We did not include an Early Learner guidebook for this specific unit. The Early Learner guidebooks are included to keep younger students occupied in a unique way (while reinforcing the lesson) as they listen to what is contained within the older guidebooks.

Due to the mature and realistic content included, the Early Learner set up would not have been plausible. We instead made all activity options in the units applicable to all ages (Pre-Reader – Adult). If you feel that your younger children are mature enough to handle concepts of the military and war, they can simply use the Growing Learner Guidebook (as you read aloud to them).




The audio recording will consist of the main lesson portions of the Growing and Advanced guidebooks (black font) as well as some bonus readings of SYW pages.  The main recording will consist of all of the main lesson content. This recording will obviously not include things like activity directions, “notes to parents,” different-colored font in the side bar (which is for independent study), side box definitions, etc.

How to purchase if you have a Campfire Credit Currency balance:

Some customers have built up Campfire Credit Currencies from prior summer sales.  Our system does not allow combined “Credit Currency” and “debit card” payments.  Since the audio recording cannot be purchased with a credit currency, you will need to do separate transactions or your debit card will be charged for the full balance of whatever is in your cart at checkout.  As such, you would merely purchase the regular units with your Campfire Currency (if you haven’t already), and then purchase the audio download individually, as a separate transaction with your debit card. 

Required for Audio:

You are only able to purchase the individual audio recording if you have already purchased the unit.  The audio recording is intended to be used along WITH the unit.  Otherwise, you will miss the visuals (like maps and graphs, which aid in teaching), any associated Cool Teacher Moments, the special side boxes, definition boxes, etc!  We will still have little “beeps” throughout the recording to get your attention for when to look at the guidebook for note taking, but those are intended as helpful guides.  We do not recommend listening to the recording without following along in the guidebook, especially for aid in memory retention and understanding.


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U.S. History – Major Wars, 1980 – Present: U.S. History (Modern Age)

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2 reviews for In the Steps of The U.S. Military

  1. Jessica Russell (verified owner)

    This unit was our very first Campfire unit and it was a hit! We had tried other curricula and none of them worked for our family. I accidentally found Campfire. I am so glad I did!! This is what I imagined our homeschool experience to look like! These lessons are so engaging and the activities are so fun! I have 3 boys age 5- 12 and they all loved this unit. I even learned so much about our military. The video links are so helpful too! I would 100% recommend!!

  2. Amanda Brown (verified owner)

    A huge thank you to CC. This curriculum has been life changing for our homeschool day! We wanted to do the independence day unit, and I wasn’t sure if we’d have time to do the military unit first. But we decided to jump in and start the military unit anyway. This is our first unit, we are already about half way through and my kids are excited to work on it every day, so we are going through it quicker than expected. I can’t wait to dig into the other units too! My girls are 7 and 9, but I can see how this can be used for all ages, I’m even learning a ton!

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In the Steps of The U.S. Military
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