In the Season of | Valentine’s Day (mini unit – digital)


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With this unit, you receive:

    • 5 open-and-go lessons
    • ALL guidebooks included to cover the whole family, aged pre-reader to adult
      • All guidebooks are specifically choreographed to be used together
    • Core Connections are included, covering multiple school subjects (all ages)
    • Just download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and go!
    • You will receive automatic (free) membership to the LINKS page
    • Downloads appear immediately after purchase on your device screen
    • You get to keep your products forever, to be reused over and over again as the children grow


Our units are taught through living book format.They are applicable to all age levels, pre-reader to adult.  If you would like to see how we adjust each level for difficulty (while allowing the whole family to come together), please visit this page HERE.


This unit comes with Core Connections (which includes science of molecular chains, pH, chemistry, language arts of poetry and iambic pentameter, and so much more!) to cover all of your school subjects, so you can take a week-long break from school… without breaking from school!  Alternatively, you can skip the Core Connections Companion and use only the main portion in your morning basket or evening devotional time!

If you thought it was all about romance, you’d be wrong!   A unit on history, legends, the Bible, and ALL the different kinds of love (godly love, love for family, love for “stuff,” “love around the world” and “animal facts”, etc). 

Think of this as an “emotional health” unit.

Time to take an assessment: How “loved” is your family… are they (or you) feeling a bit empty?  Do you even know how to communicate that to one another?  This unit will help!  Did you know that your brain is physiologically affected by a lack of love, and that’s how God designed our bodies?  Do you know the true source of love?  We’ll help you to take a look and start the new year the right way… with a focus on what matters most.  Written with all ages in mind, we bring your entire family together in a fun and captivating way to focus on the most important thing in life… the source of love (God).

Different types of love, the languages of love, community service, the fruit of the Spirit, God’s love for us…. if you want to re-evaluate your family’s “love health” and redirect your children to focus on who God is and what He expects from us, then you’ll want this unit!  

This unit is 5 lessons (perfect for an “exciting break” to look forward to).  It also includes AMAZING Core Connections (the science of pH and making gems, the origin of plastic, Shakespearean sonnets, geometric shapes of the holiday, Roman history and social studies….).

BONUS ACTIVITIES: Ever wonder if you’re missing out on the “fun” activities from public school… like the cupcake making, valentine sharing, pink and red wearing Valentine’s week? If so, you can bring it to your home and homeschooling! Our 5-lesson Valentine’s unit includes options for stained glass making, custom valentine conversation hearts, sugar cookies (amazingly delicious no-chilled options that fight for a spotlight with the Noel Bars), Valentine wreaths, activities of romantic gestures, and minute-to-win-it styled games chosen with the whole family in mind.  Create a really fun environment for your family (yourself included!) while still learning all about history, science, social studies, math, and most importantly…GOD!


This is a mini unit and a holiday unit, so by its nature it is lighter in the main lesson content.  If you want to see what our regular units are like, please see our free samples

We worked hard and were able to combine the Growing and Advanced guidebooks into one single guidebook for this unit!  Though not always possible, we are so excited about this!  Older or more-advanced students will reference the blue font throughout the unit, where less-advanced students will skip it.  All students will share the black font.

All ages might like to peek at the Early Learner guidebook.  While it is specifically made with pre-readers in mind, sometimes older students enjoy the bonus activities, as well!


1. We include a discussion on the difference between abuse and love, as well as teach the cycle of abuse.  We kept this in the appendix only, so parents can choose to use it or skip it for their family.  We feel it is important to discuss with family members, when or if parents deem appropriate.

2. The story line revolves around a teenage boy whose parents have an argument over money and time spent together (very subtle) and do not approach conflict well.  It is impacting their family, including their children, even causing their son to react in ways that are not ideal.  It is contrasted by another set of adults (aunt and uncle) who represent love well.  Throughout the unit, the teenage boy is learning about how to show love in action and also understanding more about his parents’ struggles (and his own), in light of God’s Word.  This is intentionally used, to help show proper communication, conflict resolution, and also to open the door for conversation in your own family. 

3. There is one moment where two little boys are teasing their cousin with “Roses are red…” and saying “yuck” to the holiday of love.  Again, this is used to open the conversation for the idea that there are many different kinds of love, and also to reveal what God’s Word says about romantic love and how parents SHOULD be displaying that for their children.  We remind the readers that children are not the appropriate age for romantic kind of love.

4. Negative character traits are used on purpose, so the story can ultimately show how to correct that in the end.


This can be used as core curriculum (with Core Connections) or as an extracurricular (without Core Connections). 

*Areas of focus – quick glimpse:*

HISTORY FOCUS: AFRICA: Days of Emperor Claudius II, Rome, Africa

LANGUAGE ARTS FOCUS: Poetry, Iambic pentameter, rhyme scheme, Latin words and etymology

SCIENCE FOCUS: Chemistry (molecular chains, pH, casein molecules, acids, bases, polymers, catalysts, Biology (hormones), health


85 + 18 (via LINKS page PDF “legends”): 103 total GROWING/ADVANCED 

Released: Jan, 2022. Revamped Jan 2023.




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– 500 BC – 500 AD: World History (Classical Antiquity)


Emotional Health, Self Care




All-in-One w/ Core Connections Companion, Single Subject Option


Mini Unit

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2 reviews for In the Season of | Valentine’s Day (mini unit – digital)

  1. Natalie Duhon (verified owner)

    Such a sweet unit that sparked wonderful conversations about love for family and the love God has for us.

  2. Joelle Allen (verified owner)

    This was a fun unit to do around Valentines Day. I enjoyed learning more about the history of Valentines Day. The activities were meaningful and prompted a lot of conversations that I am so thankful for. I like that this unit was a mini unit, as I was able to squeeze it in when I hadn’t originally planned for it, and it added to our learning.

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