In the Season of | Valentine’s Day (Mini Unit)

In the Season of | Valentine’s Day (Mini Unit)

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*Released 1/17/21*
Our 5-lesson mini unit is only available during its holiday season!  And if you thought it was all about romance, you’d be wrong!   A unit on history, legends, the Bible, and ALL the different kinds of love (godly love, love for family, love for “stuff,” “around the world” and “animal facts”, etc).  Men and women, boys and girls will ALL love this unit.  You might even think of it as an “emotional health” unit. 
PS: The main character in our unit is a boy and was written specifically with boys (and girls) in mind. 🙂

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Time to take an assessment: How “loved” is your family… are they (or you) feeling a bit empty?  Do you even know how to communicate that to one another?  We’ll help you to take a look and start the new year the right way… with a focus on what matters most.  Written with all ages in mind, we bring your entire family together in a fun and captivating way to focus on the most important thing in life.
Different types of love, the languages of love, community service, the fruit of the Spirit, God’s love for us…. if you want to re-evaluate your family’s “love health” and redirect your children to focus on who God is and what He expects from us, then you’ll want this unit!  
This unit is 5 lessons (perfect for an “exciting break” to look forward to) and it also includes AMAZING Core Connections (the science of pH and making gems, the origin of plastic, Shakespearean sonnets, geometric shapes of the holiday, Roman history and social studies….).  
Our activity options (not required) are many (as usual) and extremely flexible.  From the cookie-making to the games, to “conversation heart” messages…. to the more masculine legends and family interactions… it’s all there.  Don’t miss it!  Coming THIS MONTH!! [More details below]

Ever wonder if you’re missing out on the “fun” activities from public school… like the cupcake making, valentine sharing, pink and red wearing Valentine’s week?  If so, you can bring it to your home and homeschooling!  Our 5-lesson Valentine’s unit includes options for stained glass making, custom valentine conversation hearts, sugar cookies (amazingly delicious no-chilled options that fight for a spotlight with the Noel Bars), Valentine wreaths, activities of romantic gestures, and minute-to-win-it styled games chosen with the whole family in mind.  Create a really fun environment for your family (yourself included!) while still learning all about history, science, social studies, math, and most importantly…GOD!