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Award-winning curriculum for the young and old. Whether you’re interested in single subjects or an extensive curriculum excluding math (all-in-one, open-and-go), we offer it here!  Campfire is designed to also prepare you for real life skills and career prep, with all learning styles included! Unlike traditional unit studies that merely scratch the surface, Campfire Curriculums immerses you in-depth into each subject, filled with Charlotte-Mason integrations that you don’t have to prep!  

Real-World Knowledge From Experts


Practical knowledge comes through consulting professionals and craftsmen before developing and creating our courses (utilizing our Campfire Method to enhance retention and understanding).  This hands-on approach ensures you gain practical, unmatched accuracy and knowledge, whether you’re aspiring to become a doctor or mastering the art of tree tapping. It’s rigorous, in-depth learning made incredibly enjoyable.

Founded in More


 Built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ, we offer a Christ-centered education through our Faith Talks. Yet, our curriculum is designed for everyone, with secular families also using the material, minus the Faith Talk sections. Check out the glowing reviews on our site or on Facebook!




Created by a Homeschool Dad.  Real experts provide the insight; the curriculum guides the experience; the family creates the bond.


What is Campfire

Imagine diving into lessons that not only cover your school subjects, but also prepare you for real life, mastering life skills and career prep! Our secret (one of many)? A unique color-coding and sidebar system that makes it easy for everyone to learn, side by side. Kids and adults can find their path in the same unit, making learning a shared adventure. It’s like having a personalized school for your family, where high school students can get ready with our challenging courses (while younger siblings are having a blast alongside them).  At Campfire Curriculums, we’re not just about  skimming through different topics; we’re about challenging students to reach higher. It’s intense, it’s in-depth, it’s rigorous, but it is SO MUCH FUN! We’re the only ones who step into the field to gather insights from the professionals and experts themselves before creating and writing our units. This means you get real, practical knowledge (not Wikipedia or Google), whether you’re learning to be a doctor or mastering the art of tree tapping.  We ensure your family isn’t learning to fill in a blank and dump the information; rather, our Campfire Method™ increases retention and understanding beyond any other. Campfire Curriculums isn’t just about learning (although there’s a lot of that happening). It’s about coming together, discovering new passions, learning more about Christ, and preparing for life. Ready to start your journey?

Welcome to what you’ve been missing…




A list of FAQs

What is the teaching style?
Each unit includes an experiential style of teaching (little to no prep), while also incorporating all styles of learning.  It is also OPEN-AND-GO because it was made specifically with busy, working parents in mind. We do not use worksheet-based learning but focus on note-taking (as in higher education), dictation, and learning through application.  See more on why by clicking HERE.


What makes it different?
– Unit studies are created after we job/skill shadow experts or professionals specific to the skill or trade (or life experience)
– We address all learning styles: auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, visual, etc…


 Is there a Teacher’s Guide?
No teacher’s guide! Adults learn alongside their children (and sometimes even purchase these units for themselves).  Everybody has their own guidebook to learn together at the same time (all leveled guidebooks are included in every purchase and are uniquely color coded).


Do I have to print?
No printing necessary!  We designed these so you could view electronically and write in blank notebooks as you go along, to save on ink and become more familiar with a real-world setup (note-taking, etc.)!


Is it Core or Extracurricular?
Use these units as your family’s core curriculum, as it includes everything except math —OR- pair it with other core curriculum (and use it as an extracurricular for only 30 minutes per session) so even a busy, working parent can join…. Each unit is designed with flexible ending points and Core Connections so you can do it either way! 


How do I use it for High School?
See our high school credits page to see how high school students use it.


How long is it?

– Full units have ~12 lessons-
This equals approximately 3 weeks for the extracurricular option
This equals approximately 3 – 6 weeks for those using it as their core curriculum


How do I use it for core curriculum?

Core Connections” are included (for free) for interdisciplinary teaching and cross-curricular implementation such as you see encouraged at respected universities. This is for families who desire to use the unit to cover all school subjects equally (except math).  See HERE for more on Core Connections or HERE for how many high school credits it is.  These are included for free, as a courtesy!


How can “Dad” get involved if desired?

These unit studies are also the PERFECT way to allow “Dad” to get involved, if desired (not required).  Everything is prepared!  Just OPEN AND GO, and allow the bonding and learning to begin (see our “Made for Dads” page).


What comes with the downloads?

Upon purchase, you receive guidebooks to cover all ages.  You can immediately download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and keep forever!


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