Real experts provide the insight; the curriculum guides the experience; the family creates the bond.  Modern day “Campfire Sessions™.”

  • All extracurricular unit studies have ~10-15 lessons
  • 20 minutes per session (STOP when the timer goes off, and pick it up again the next day!)
  • Everybody has their own journal to use together at the same time
    • elementary, middle school, high school, adult + some pre-reader pages
  • All units are created with contributions from  experts or professionals specific to the unit topic
  • Teacher manuals are not necessary on most units, unless otherwise specified; everything is built in to each journal
  • Immediately download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and use forever!
  • Memberships are optional and provide up to ~50% off

We have three categories… check them out here.

Strength thru Faith

#1: The hard stuff is done: we did the in-person interviewing, the hands-on job or skill shadowing,  asked the professionals,  learned their secrets, had them create activities, and covered the expense to get inside the minds of experts…  


Give Life Meaning

#2: Utilizing a combination of Charlotte Mason based techniques and traditional learning (along with professional guidance), we took everything mentioned in point #1 and very specifically shared it in our units for you and your child(ren) utilizing various teaching styles…


Join Us Today

#3: All journals for all age groups correspond but have individual activities and discussion points based on grade level.  Sit around a campfire (or wherever!), have everyone grab their journal for the unit picked that month. Start connecting—TRULY connecting—as a family (all the while growing in talents, passions, skills, and job aspirations)!


An Inclusive Community

#4: And, finally, we place everything on the foundation of Christ.  These are not theological lessons, and if you are not a Christian family, you can definitely get some benefits of the curriculum even if you decide not to apply the FAITH TALK sections.  We do hope you will give them a try though.  Regardless, grab up a unit and start exploring   with your child!


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