GOOD NEWS!  There are ways you can print from your device immediately after downloading, if you’d like!

For every journal (regardless of grade/age category), you have the option to print: (1) Full journal -or- (2) Print the written activity pages only [the applicable pages will be listed for your reference at the beginning of every journal].  We know some parents will want to be able to view everything electronically and then print only the pages required for any written activities that require more than a notebook paper.  This second option allows you to have the full journals at your fingertips (on your device) while only needing  approximately 0-10 papers for printing for each journal. We personally prefer to have the first option for a more tangible experience, but we know other families would prefer the latter… so we help you with both! Here are our suggestions:

#1: You can print from home.  This provides immediate gratification and instant access.  There are MANY homeschool blogs/vlogs out there which share their most-recommended printers for homeschoolers that NEVER seem to run out of ink (and/or they use ink subscriptions which are really great and affordable).  This is extremely easy, allows instant physical access at your fingertips, and it ends up being cheap.  Not to mention, it can be used for all of your other homeschooling needs, as well! 

#2: Family Nest Printing company has agreed to provide our customers with a 5% discount and does such a great job printing our units! They have many options for page weight and more.  To take advantage of the discount, use the code: CampfireCrew.

#3: For units to be printed and mailed by Campfire Curriculums directly to your door (with binding), the cost will depend on how many journals you are ordering and what time of year it is (we do this at special times, like some holidays!).  Please contact us for pricing and availability!

#3: If printing through places like Office Depot or local print companies, please remember we cannot guarantee the quality of their work.  Also please remember if you print through another company, we cannot provide support and troubleshooting on their behalf.  Our recommendation is to ask them to print your finished product exactly as it appears on the PDF.  You can also require that they print with the optionsimulated overprinting (they should be doing this as a standard, but many do not, and it causes information to disappear from the page).

#4: We no longer recommend B&N Press after they updated their system to quit reading high quality images and transparencies.  Unfortunately, they can sometimes create a beautiful product and other times can create great frustration by not allowing things to upload or distorting the images of the PDF.

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