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*If you were looking for the directions page or wondering which guidebook to print for your family, go HERE instead.  If you were curious about your print options and print companies, continue reading!**

We have created our units for 100% digital use (no printing necessary)!  Just screen cast or view it digitally, using a notebook for any writing activities. 🙂  If you’d prefer to have the tangible version and want to know your options, read on…

#1:  Print from home immediately after purchase

#2: Use an online print service (such as Family Nest Printing, Homeschool Print Company, Watson Family Press, etc. etc.).  Immediately upload the PDF file to an online print company and receive your physical product at your doorstep (bound and all).  This gives you a hard copy AND the digital unit for life, so you get the best of everything.  Usually, the total combined cost of digital (from us) and hard copy (from online company) ends up saving you money (vs. buying hard copy straight from Campfire)!  See graphic below. 

    • Of note: we do not recommend Barnes & Noble as they work great sometimes but are glitchy other times.  It is a problem with their automated PDF reader that they have yet to fix.
    • While we cannot speak to the quality of the online print companies themselves (there are many), we have heard good things about a lot of them.
    • Family Nest Printing company provides our customers with a 5% discount! To take advantage of the discount, use the code: CampfireCrew.  

#3: If printing through places like Office Depot or local big box print companies, please remember they are a LOT more expensive and we also cannot guarantee the quality of their work (and we do not usually recommend it).  Also, again, please remember if you print through another company, we cannot provide support and troubleshooting on their behalf. 


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