Nope!  Each person in the family gets to have their own journal and learn together.  Everything is built in to each journal (exception to this is pre-reader/Early Learner).  We didn’t write these for children; we wrote them for the whole family.  All black font gets read out loud among everyone.  All different-colored font is for that particular age group onlyIf you’d like to see how that works in action, go here. 

2. CORE CONNECTIONS: What are they?



No. It is so much MORE than a core curriculum.  Campfire Curriculums offers something that is completely missing in the homeschooling world: extracurricular job shadowing, skills enhancement, and life awareness from home.  High schoolers had no way to access anything like this before.  Elementary children had nothing that could really and truly spark their passions as they shared with their family.  We specifically made it open-and-go so that FATHERS could get involved and bond with their children—just like in days of old as they sat around a campfire.   There really is NOTHING else like this.  We use REAL professional contributors, and we combine it all into a very Charlotte-Mason inspired approach (which means lots of experiential learning and lots of fun while you’re at it).  Job/skill shadowing and life enhancement from home… there’s nothing else like it.


Yes.  Just the same as job shadowing a volcanologist or marine biologist would be considered getting a crash course in that field of science.  Following through the eyes of an ER provider could certainly act as a science unit, as well.  Could one of these units be used as social studies or history or geography? Again yes.  You get a lot of that through our “In the Steps of | An Islander,” which could also sub as a science unit in many ways (it even has chiropterology included).  You could use “With the Skills of | A Camper” to learn more about outdoor living and science if you were so inclined.  Some use the units as their morning devotional and Bible lesson.  The reality is,  “life learning” and “skills learning” and even “job shadowing” are inherently going to provide an immense amount of learning with science, history, geography, social studies, and so much more.  If that is the way you decide to use our units in your personal homeschooling style, go for it!  We absolutely would not discourage you.  A lot of our fun schoolers do that, and there’s no reason not to!  Even though it is not the way our units were originally designed to be used, we have many parents who adjust it to fit into their core curriculum as they see fit.  We also have many other parents who use it as we originally intended (as an extracurricular only), and the fathers are becoming more and more involved with children and passions as they learn about new careers and skills together!  That absolutely warms our hearts when we hear so many testimonials!  We are not here to tell anyone how they can or cannot use our unit studies.  Each family is unique and will do it their own way.  If you’re asking if there’s enough science and history and all the other stuff to make it work, the answer is yes, depending on the unit (we obviously wouldn’t advise you try to use “Home Defense” as a lesson in geography lol).  If you’re asking if we created another “core curriculum” the answer is no.  We created something MORE THAN CORE and for an entirely different reason. 

5. Since the journals are similar except for the different-colored font, do I have to print them all out?
-Hear our audio instructions for which journals to print and understand the layout by going here.
-If you’d prefer a quick bullet-point reading of the basic answer, go here.

6. Where are my print options if I decide I want to print?
     See here!

7. What if I have printing issues?
      See here!

No. We created these units with the intention of helping “Dad” to get involved. This is one reason why we have such a heavy focus on open-and-go, little time, little prep, and activities-based lessons. We wanted “Dad” to be able to come home from work and just join right in. When a father doesn’t know how to bridge the gap and bond with his daughter in the skills that she’s passionate about (perhaps because he doesn’t have the know-how or desire), he’s still able to open up one of our journals and join right in with her as they learn together (which is why we have some more traditionally feminine unit options, as well). It creates an immediate bonding. Or, when a dad has a son and doesn’t know how to incorporate meaningful “Dad lessons” after a long day at work,  the units provide opportunity for bonding in just a little time.  Perhaps he didn’t know how to fish or how to camp, and he and his son can learn together.  SO… while this was our passion behind the creation, it’s still not a requirement. Moms can use it just the same. We have families who use it both ways.

9. What if I am a teacher or part of a co-op and want to use this?
If you are a teacher, co-op leader or part of a homeschooling group, please contact us as you will have different laws and licensing to abide by and different pricing for different licensing. We will actively monitor downloads and number of prints from a particular source, so please don’t skip this step.  

10. What is your return policy?
No digital product can be returned for a refund, since customers automatically receive files to download and we are unable to remove them from your device(s). All digital products are therefore final sale.

11. Is this a Christian curriculum?
This curriculum is founded on Christ.  In that way, yes, it is a Christian curriculum.  If you’re wondering if it’s something secular parents can use, the answer is also yes.  You can still have the other benefits of the program even if you choose not to apply the Faith Talk sections. Of note: our holiday units are 100% intertwined with the Bible and can be used as devotionals.

12. Why did you name it “curriculums” instead of “curriculum,” “curricula,” or “extracurriculars”?
For all of our grammatically correct parents out there:
We went back and forth between “curricula,” “extracurriculars,” and “curriculums.”  Technically, depending on which circle (or country) you are in, all of the options can be correct.  In the end, we chose “curriculums” because it was the domain that was available (true story) and the one we thought most would remember. 🙂