It is our stated goal to have fathers lead this extracurricular unit study with their families, where applicable.  Every situation is different and not all families will have fathers or male role models.  However, if this is a possibility for your family, we hope it is a brand new way to get dads excited, encouraged, and involved.  It allows for a meaningful, consistent interaction.  For a better of understanding of what these extracurriculars offer, go here. Below is a letter to dads about the reason behind this:

First, a little background about the man who wrote the letter below:

He is a special operations veteran, was a diplomatic security specialist for the US Ambassadors, firearms instructor for the US State Department, and also trains SWAT, DEA, and other government agencies as well as personal businesses how to respond to active shootings.  There’s a lot more to who he is and what he does (his resume goes on forever!), but he wouldn’t allow me (his overly proud wife) to list the rest.  Most importantly, he is an incredible husband, a godly father, and an amazing leader. 

The following is his letter and our reason for making this a curriculum for dads to lead:

“This is for the fathers, grandfathers, male role models, big brothers, single moms, and future fathers.  

Everyone has their story.  Each story has characters that have taught us through their good qualities and efforts–or, sometimes more effectively through their bad ones–how to become a man or a leader of our home.  Some had fathers in their lives and others had nobody.  

I started to investigate to see what were the possibilities for connecting in a different way (a better way) with my children. I know that you, just like I, could choose to perpetuate what is all too common.  Sometimes that means an uninterested, uninvolved parenting style where hard work and providing food was all that mattered. We could, however, choose to create a new future and parenting style for our children. I started thinking: what ever happened to fathers leading their boys, doting on their girls, sharing stories around campfires, as they passed down and shared life’s experiences?  What does a campfire do, if not draw everyone to turn inward toward each other?

This is what we tried to recreate for this very purpose. Campfire Curriculums™ was ideally created to be father-led (or led by male role models), when or if possible. 

You have been charged with helping your child or children become an adult. You have been blessed with this honor.  If you are anything like a million other fathers (myself included), you may have been missing, disconnected, or overwhelmed at times. 

I felt convicted that now is the time to take back my family.  And, now is the time you can take back your family.  I wanted this curriculum to be a solution for any who were searching like I was.  I wanted something interesting and engaging for everyone in the family, while providing help to all types of fathers: the ones who feel under-qualified, the ones who feel too busy, or the ones who are truly engaged but craving more ideas.

I personally tried organizations, sports, and clubs intended to strengthen dads’ and kids’ relationships… but between work getting in the way and activities that lacked in our experiencing things together,  that came to an end.  We needed something that could maximize our connection while making sure I didn’t overextend myself which would only lead to failure.  If I wasn’t consistent or felt overwhelmed, it wasn’t really doing any good anyway.  This is one of the reasons we kept our Campfire Sessions to 20 minutes.

There are all sorts of dads (and moms) out there, from the completely disconnected to the stay-at-home parent, from the truck driver to the cop to the dentist….

Just reading this shows you have a heart for your family and are driven by love for them. I promise whether they show it or not, your family is hungry for you!

We have done our best to take care of the distracting detail work by wrapping a curriculum up into a guided ‘experiential connection package.’  The tough work is done.  All you need to do is pledge your time to your family.  Just 20 minutes for a connection that is priceless.

I also wanted to create a wide array of unit topics for dads and their families in these Campfire Sessions™–from professional stuntmen to mountain climbing to home security to fishing.  Don’t worry moms, we aren’t suggesting you skip town.  Everybody is in the car together, so to speak. I am just suggesting that if Dad is available, he do the driving. To the side (or above if on a smartphone), you’ll see some of the units getting ready to be put out.  A few of the more adventurous ones are listed to give dads an idea, but it’s important to know we also have many more that can be catered to any type of personality, male or female–for sons and daughters.  Things that the whole family can enjoy or learn.  Dads need to be involved in all of it.  

This way, I believe true family growth will be seen. And, for the families that do not have fathers, then a godly male role model or a single mother can step into this position and still be able to provide the godly leadership your children are seeking.

I know that not everyone who will use this program will have a relationship with God or have a male role model in their family.  You don’t have to believe in these things or have these things to use this program, to connect as a family, or to learn some amazing skills together. 

However, if any father or male role model is interested in my own story and how God stirred in my heart a little over two years ago, I would love to share.  Soon, I will have a page for all fathers to share, as I believe engaged fathers are the solution to most of the problems we face in today’s society. 

Please watch the upcoming videos and blogs for more about my passion on this topic.  

For now, I hope you go start a unit and begin the experience of taking back your family.”