Hybrid School License

Hybrid School License


This purchase is for a license for hybrid schools (also sometimes called microschools or many other things!).  Purchasing this license provides a discount from regular unit price.  Whether you refer to yourself as a co-op, PSP, microschool, private school, or hybrid (etc), please read our definition below because so many people use varying terms that it can be confusing!  You must abide by our company terms in order to be in compliance with law.

NOTE: Per the licensing requirements of our units, hybrids or microschools (etc) are different than traditional co-ops.  A hybrid school, as defined within this discounted license, is a school that charges a tuition OR class fee to students above $20 OR compensates teachers OR is ongoing multiple days of the week.  If you are uncertain or need any clarification, you are required to reach out to our customer service for clarification.  These are varying types of schools and gatherings that are all classified as a microschool or “hybrid” under Campfire Curriculums’ units. If you are a hybrid school by our definition and taking advantage of this discount license, you are required to list the name of Campfire Curriculums on your course description and website and confirm our company’s approval of such course description, so that there are no misrepresentations.  You are not authorized to use this curriculum in such a setting without paying this fee and without giving appropriate and approved credit to the curriculum on the course description online and elsewhere. 

If you were looking for a co-op license (where some families join together to learn together and all parents are participating), please go HERE.

Our hybrid license adjusts the terms of copyright, so that it can be used in such a setting legally.

The typical format of many curricula is to charge for the textbook/curriculum for each student and then charge an additional fee for hybrid licensing.  That is not our format, as we want to make this as affordable as possible.  Therefore, we do a flat $15/individual, which provides a ~50% discount for all.

Required: Read and follow the directions below under “DESCRIPTION.”

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1. Choose your desired unit that you will be using in the classroom or at your school.

2. Type the total number of students and teachers combined (in all classes) who will be using that particular unit from Campfire Curriculums.  The price will adjust accordingly.  For example, if you have 5 teachers and 100 students using the same unit, type “105.” 

3. Click purchase.  On the checkout screen in the notes section, notate the name of your school.

4. After purchase, our system will sync the hybrid license and the unit preference and update your account accordingly. 

5. You must then submit your public course description with the Campfire Curriculums units credited, so we can confirm and approve such use, ensuring the accuracy of the information presented.

6. You will then be free to use only the associated Campfire Curriculums unit in your hybrid school with the designated number of students and teachers (printing and using with each of them as desired).  You will be completely free to print copies and screen cast for digital use.  If you do not see the unit automatically synced to your account, please email us at help@campfirecurriculums.com and we can drop it in for you.

7. When your school finishes a unit and wants to begin a new one, return to this page and repeat the process. 

    • If you want to order all units for the year up front, you can do this as well (as long as your student counts are not likely to change). 
    • If you get a different group of students the second half of the year or the following year (such as new enrollment each semester), return to this page and repeat the process (since those new students will not yet be licensed for legal use of the product).

8. If different teachers are using different units in their classrooms at the same time, you will merely need to complete different transactions.  For example, if you have one teacher using the Veterinarian unit study with her 15 students and another using the Titanic unit study with 20 students, merely complete two transactions.  Our system will approve both units for your account and will grant the license in our system appropriately, for the designated number of individuals.  Remember that the license ONLY covers the number of students referenced for that one particular unit and cannot be passed to other students or teachers afterward, as this would violate copyright.

This is ~50% savings for all, at only $15/individual instead of full price for the curriculum for each.  We hope it is a blessing!

Thank you!

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Basic Car Maintenance, Beekeeper, Caroling Noel Christmas, Chef, Christmas around the Campfire, ER Provider, Gardening, Giving Thanks, History's Mysteries, Home Defense, Independence Day, Meteorologist, Military, Natural Medicine, Photographer, Pirates, Resurrection day, Thanksgiving, Titanic, Veterinarian, Valentine's, Volcanologist, Zoologist