Co-Op License

Co-Op License


This purchase is for a license for an individual to teach a SINGLE unit in a co-op setting, for 5+ students (5 students is the minimum). This allows co-ops to receive a discount, so each child does not have to pay for the full unit.

Though the term “co-op” can be used in different ways by many people, please view our definition to make sure you comply with the proper license.  Many people have different definitions of what is what.  If you are a hybrid school per our definition (one that charges a tuition OR class fees to students above $20 OR compensates teachers OR is ongoing multiple days of the week), please go HERE instead.  If you have any hesitation or concern as to whether you are a co-op or a hybrid/microschool according to our terms, you are required to write in to customer service to verify before purchase.

Please note that the co-op pricing is per STUDENT, not per FAMILY.  It is also PER UNIT (IE: If your co op returns to complete multiple units, you will need to purchase a new license for each new unit).

We will never require that every family purchase the unit and then charge an additional licensing fee on top of that.  Rather, this classroom co-op license is actually a discount from the regular unit price.

1. The co-op teacher must purchase the unit (this is the only person who must purchase a unit from us)

2. After purchasing the unit (as the teacher of the co-op), you may proceed to the licensing portion on this page.

3. Do not fill out or make any purchases on this page if you have not already purchased the unit study you are intending to use, first.  If you have already purchased multiple units for personal use, simply notate in the notes (at checkout) which unit you will be utilizing for your co-op classroom.

4. To the side (or below, depending on device), choose the number of children who will be taught before checking out.  The price will increase accordingly.  In order to classify as a co-op, we ask for a minimum of 5 students in the class.

5. After purchase, you are completely free to use your unit study in a co-op setting with the designated number of students.  You can choose to print off copies of pages for your students to use during class time, or screencast for digital use.  Please do not send the digital document to any of the families, as you are the only one who owns the rights.

6. Nothing else needs to be done, as our system will automatically register your information. Please use the same email for all purchases, so the system will correlate it correctly.

This is a great savings for all co-ops.  For example, if a co-op had 25 students and each had to purchase the curriculum, that would be ~$750.00.  However, with the co-op license, the price is cut to $155 for 25 students and teacher ($30 teacher + $5/student).  We intentionally provide you with the $595 savings, as it is our desire that no one should be priced out of using this–even in a co op setting.

If you have any questions, send us a quick email!

Thank you!