Real experts provide the insight; the curriculum guides the experience; the family creates the bond.  Modern day “Campfire Sessions™.”

  • Job shadowing, skills development, life enhancement.  From home.  For pre-reader to adult.  Something that has never existed before. 
  • All units are created with contributions from  experts or professionals specific to the skill or trade, and are also written in LIVING BOOK FORMAT
  • Our unit studies are designed for the whole family (all ages included) and have ~12 lessons. Everybody has their own journal to use together at the same time (all journals are included in purchase and are uniquely color coded)
  • Each unit includes a very hands-on, experiential style of teaching.  It is also OPEN AND GO. We also do NOT use “worksheet” based learning.  See more on why by clicking HERE.
  • 20-30 minutes per session (STOP when the timer goes off, and pick it up again the next day!)
  • Each unit has optional “Core Connections” for families who desire to expand and connect the unit topic to ALL core  subjects (see HERE for more on Core Connections)!
  • These unit studies are also the PERFECT way to allow “Dad” to get involved.  Everything is prepared!  Just OPEN AND GO, and allow the bonding and learning to begin (see our “Made for Dads” page).
  • Upon purchase, you can immediately download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and use forever!

We have three categories… check them out here


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#1: The hard stuff is done by us: we do the in-person interviewing, the hands-on job or skill shadowing; we ask the professionals,  learn their secrets, and cover the expense to get inside the minds of experts…  


#2: Utilizing a combination of Charlotte Mason based techniques, we take everything mentioned in point #1 and very specifically share it in our units for you and your child(ren) utilizing multiple teaching styles


#3: All journals for all age groups correspond but are color coded deeper learning based on age level.  The parents learn right alongside the children.  Sit around a campfire (or wherever!), have everyone grab their journal for the unit picked that month. Start connecting–TRULY connecting–as a family (all the while growing in talents, passions, skills, and job aspirations)!


#4: And, finally, we place everything on the foundation of Christ.  These are not theological lessons, and if you are not a Christian family, you can definitely get some benefits of the curriculum even if you decide not to apply the FAITH TALK sections.  We do hope you will give them a try though.  Regardless, grab up a unit and start exploring   with your child!