…”Through the Eyes of” is one of our three categories. We have joined together the experience and knowledge of professionals across the world (which they provided specifically for this curriculum) with a simple teaching approach and experiential-based style into a unit study that your family could use from home.  This allows your family the opportunity to see through the eyes of a professional and learn, as if right beside them.  Our hope is that this unique combination will create a remotely-accessible type of “job shadowing” that has never been possible before, even for college-bound high school students and adults.

…And all of this can all be done from home with your family, while everyone is growing closer together. 

Our contributors range from:



  • CIA Agent
  • Interior Designer
  • Fighter Pilot
  • Professional Chef
  • Milk Farmer
  • Attorney
  • Professional Stuntmen/Stuntwomen
  • FBI Agent
  • Psychologist
  • Private Investigator
  • Astronaut
  • Physician
  • Federal Judges
  • Airline Pilot
  • Physical Therapist
  • Other subject matter experts…just to hit the tip of the iceberg.
    • Speaking of icebergs, we will also have a contributing boat captain

…And don’t worry, we also include units where the contributors are “stay at home parents” and “homesteaders.”  We know our audience has dreams and aspirations that vary wildly!

This list is just a sneak peek!!




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