…”Through the Eyes of” units are our job shadowing unit studies. We  join together with the experience and knowledge of professionals across the world (which they provide specifically for us as we write this curriculum).  We put everything into a unit study with a simple teaching approach and experiential-based teaching style, so your entire family could learn as if right alongside the professional.  Our hope is that this unique combination will create a remotely-accessible type of “job shadowing” that has never been possible before, even for college-bound high school students.

…And all of this can all be done from home with your family, while everyone is growing closer together.  Little ones will find new passions and learn about things in a much more fascinating way than “textbook learning,” (after all, would you rather learn anatomy while memorizing an anatomy book or while “job shadowing” an ER provider?)….  and older students might actually get a real glimpse into their dream job or passion!

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