…this is the second of our three categories.  In our “With the Skills of” units, we seek out the best information possible from the most skilled craftsmen and experts there are, in an attempt to share with your entire family.  Ever wonder how to make a successful square foot garden or have the not-so-perfect but memory-lasting camping trip?

Let us be clear: we don’t just mean reading about these things.  Anybody can buy a book.  We are talking about EXPERIENCING these things. Experiential extracurricular unit studies involving hands-on learning, with kinesthetic activities for all. 

Imagine a virtual “trip to France,” for the whole family to be trained day-by-day with an incredible cheesemaker… or having your hand held and taught every day by a Mount Everest climber, as your family learns how to navigate terrain and go on their own mountain climbing adventure together.  

With our units we desire to help… perhaps help with learning a skill your family never thought they could tackle before; or, perhaps one they’ve tackled before but it didn’t go over quite so well.  Our units try to perfectly blend the skills-sharing process, the family interaction, and the right amount of work/bonding to be done each day.  By the end of the units, we believe you will see some really incredible–truly incredible–things happening in your family.  Memories made, skills learned, and bonding that your family will have forever.  That is our sincerest hope and intention with these Campfire Sessions™.  

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