In the Steps of | An Islander (FULL DIGITAL UNIT)

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This unit is intended to be paired with The Real Pirates of the Caribbean and is part of our “IN THE STEPS OFcategory.

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Have a family member who is fascinated by tropical storms?  Do you have a child who loves building?  How about one that just wants to learn how to grow their own coffee (and who doesn’t want to do that?!)… Looking for something with a marine biology focus? Or, how about an extracurricular on missions?  Or, do you just have someone in your family who wants to discover all they can about island life?  Well, this extracurricular unit has a bit of ALL of that… and some more.

One of our many contributors:

Born in 1914, he immigrated from Switzerland to the United states at only 16 years of age.  He learned about nursery work and horticulture with his job in the states, where somebody told him about an island that only had 11,000 people on it.  Piqued with great curiosity, he traveled to the Caribbean and began his next exciting adventure.  He purchased land where the Danish marker was (and still is) in a boulder from before 1917 (before the United States purchased the island from Denmark).  Then, after expanding his horticulture expertise, he became the first person to introduce three new trees to the island.  He built his home by hand—along with the help of family members and friends.  The beautiful piece of property, also one of the highest homes, provides an extremely rare 360-degree view of the entire island.  The entire home is surrounded by gardens that were created by him, his wife, and his children.

We have been offered a great insight into the life of an amazing island man who was even awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands for his contribution to the beautification of the islands.  Having already passed in the very place he loved so dear, his friend (also a long-time native) and his son were willing to share the details, give us the insights, and teach us the lifestyle of the Caribbean people–from then, until now.  WHAT an incredible story and rare view into the world of TRUE island life (not the tourist attraction).

As this unit was written, we also met and interviewed other natives, had the opportunity to hear missionaries, and just went all in to truly learn all we could, in order to share with you. From the deep stuff, to the silly stuff (like iguanas!)…

We wanted to answer what our Campfire Families asked us: what is it like to be a native?

What we experienced in their shared stories and lifestyle was exciting, it was devastating, it was gorgeous, and it was broken… we had moments of complete awe followed by moments of great sadness.

This unit doesn’t hold anything back.  It provides a real sneak peek into what living on an island like in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Don’t forget to check out the accompanying unit “Real Pirates of the Caribbean!

Not interested in Island Life?  DO NOT skip this extracurricular!  There are EXPERIENTIAL lessons of science, culture, vegetation, history, sea life, wildlife, machinery, produce, spirituality, natural disasters, and SO MUCH MORE.  Everybody will certainly get something out of this.  Grab your family, huddle next to the campfire, and let’s get going on this Campfire Session…


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