With the Skills of | A Climber (COMING SOON!)

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Come with us to learn with your family how to go on mountain climbing expeditions! We will share with you the skills, the history, the technique, the exploration, and the tips to start you on your way into the fascinating adventure of mountain climbing.

The contributor for this unit has 25 years experience rock climbing and 20 years experience mountain climbing. Over 10 years of his climbing experience was spent as a high-angle rescue specialist in the mountains in Alaska! Our contributor was also part of a Mount Everest expedition and actually climbed Mount Everest just a few years ago!! He has been mountain climbing in numerous countries and multiple states throughout the US (Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and more!). Join with us to learn how to reach new heights into God’s vertical world.

In this unit you will have your hand held by a prior Mount Everest Climber as he “brings you along on his expedition” and shares his tips and tricks about successful climbing (in many different environments and weather situations, as well). You will be able to learn in a brand new, experiential way and enhance your natural climbing skills.

What once seemed impossible may now become very much within reach…

Perhaps this new adventure is calling your family’s name. Perhaps this is a way for everyone to connect, explore the beauty of God’s world, and come together as one.

Not passionate about mountain climbing? Don’t skip this unit! You will STILL learn some INCREDIBLE things about the world in high altitudes that many have never experienced. Even the youngest of children can thrive with this unit as they begin to understand how God made the hills and mountains… and why people (even babies) are naturally created to want to climb things! They will experience how to overcome obstacles in everyday life, create “mountains” of their own, and also experience (hands-on) a great deal about safety and science.  Grow this passion inside of them (in healthy, safe ways), learn more about our amazing world, and go on this new adventure together!


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