Through the Eyes of | Judge Life (COMING SOON!)

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Welcome to the world of being a judge!

Spoiler Alert: all age groups will be having their own “case” to be the judge of (preside over) throughout the unit…

For this unit that we will be releasing, we have three contributors. One of the contributors has been (and is still currently) a federal judge in the United States for over 20 years. The second was a trial court judge (now retired) and practiced law for 20+ years. The third contributor is a district court judge who brings a wonderful set of fresh eyes, with an experience of 5 years. Come and explore this unit with us to see what it is really like inside the court room… the obstacles judges have to face, the judgements they have to make, the laws they abide by, how much freedom they have (or don’t have), and what types of cases or criminals they see… Learn the tragedies and triumphs of the United States legal system and experience it yourself through Campfire Curriculums™ hands-on learning styles and techniques made just for your family! Get ready to be creative and do some hands-on activities with your family!

Have no interest in law or becoming a judge? Don’t skip this unit! Throughout this unit, students will be getting hands-on, real-life views into the reality of what it means to be just, how things in our world ACTUALLY work, and how to continue having integrity when all seems against you.  They aren’t just learning legal definitions… they are experiencing lessons that will hopefully last their lifetime and be a constant reminder to them about the just judge we have in our Lord.

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