Through the Eyes of: A Farmer (COMING SOON!)

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This is one of three farming units that we will be releasing.  This unit embraces farm life and homesteading through the eyes of three dairy farmers!

Two of our contributors were initially from the city and felt led to move to a rural area to open a dairy farm almost two decades ago. They jumped completely in, leaving everything behind. Coming from a highly educated background, they did things a bit of the “scholastic” way: they learned EVERYTHING a person could learn about cows, milk, homesteading, health, sales….

Then they got dirty–very, very dirty–and learned the hard way.  Up before the rooster crows, clothes covered in various types of poo, awake all night making the next batch of cheese, and cows with attitude who make work difficult.  They have supported their family with nothing more than their milk operation (which also included sale of eggs and dairy products) and a homestead living style for 15 years.  We get to share with you some of their secrets about the lessons they learned and experienced throughout all this time, not to mention their personal challenges of faith.

Our third contributor is a small commercial dairy farmer and makes his living by selling his product commercially as an organic product in grocery stores!  This interesting perspective shares what farming looks like when it focuses more on “commercial sales” and less on “individual sales/homesteading.”  There is a lot of overlapping information between our different contributors, yet also some unique perspectives given the distinctions in farming styles.

As always, our units will be focused on providing activities and experiential learning throughout this unit, so tune in, and wait for the announcement of this release so you and your family might see through the eyes of….farmers!

Not interested in anything to do with farming? Don’t skip this unit!  Believe it or not, the lessons and experiences here span from animal life to dissecting vitamins to cheese making to building machines!  Not to mention, a great bit about how to overcome obstacles.  Come closer as a family and embrace the lessons taught in this unit (too many to count), whether or not you want to farm, yourself!

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