Through the Eyes of: ER LIFE (full digital unit)

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“Through the Eyes of: ER LIFE” is intended to take your family into the world of a real hospital through the eyes of a real ER provider. Actual hands-on experiences, experiential activities, insider knowledge… with real family growth.

Our contributor for this Campfire Session started his career as an ER provider at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Grady is the fifth-largest public hospital in the United States and one of the busiest Level I trauma centers in the country. Grady is a teaching hospital, and the world’s leading physicians come to Grady to practice, teach and save patients whose conditions are beyond the capabilities of other hospitals.

Our contributor is also a graduate of Emory University, a nationally recognized school of medicine and rated among the best medical universities in the world.

Currently, the contributor works in multiple ERs and travels the country for his work.

In this unit, later lessons build upon the groundwork in the beginning lessons. By the end of the unit, the student will be able to understand the ER profession, its lingo, what the profession entails (highs and lows), and real-world application with experiential activities (based on real ER experiences).  All the while the family is bonding and having fun together! This type of job shadowing from a distance is an INCREDIBLE starting point for all in the family to share.

Not interested in becoming an ER Provider? Don’t skip this unit!  Throughout the unit, students learn invaluable HANDS-ON lessons that can help save lives, experiences that will teach them about their own personality and what God created them for, and they will also be challenged to figure out “rock and a hard place” situations!  There are experiences of medical brainstorming, problem solving, and just too many other things to list.  Long story short, we think your family needs this and can grow closer through this, even if they have no interest in medicine.  So come together and let’s get started!



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