Through the Eyes of | Chef Life (COMING SOON!)

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Welcome to the world of a professional chef!!  This has been one of our most exciting units to put together so far, and we cannot wait until we can reveal the release date.  As our contributor for this unit, we have a professional chef who has spent 15+ years mastering his skill.  With over 2,000 online reviews and a 4.9/5 star rating, customers say things like, “The chef is obviously a very creative and talented culinary master, combining tastes and textures you can find nowhere else. The sous chefs are talented and engaging.”  Another says, “One of best meals I’ve had in my life,” and another: “I travel the country for work and this is by far the best restaurant I have ever eaten at.”  Our chef describes his cuisine as a gourmet spin on southern comfort.  He pursued his dreams and passions by opening his own restaurant right out of school, and he never looked back.  We are so grateful for his willingness to sit down and share some of his best kept secrets with us… to be shared with you.  Knife skills, palate tests, culinary artistry, texture awareness, and a couple bonus recipes (plus so much more)!  We even have recipes, as well.  BUT please recognize… this is not a cookbook (the recipes are just a bonus). This unit helps students gain real insight and lessons for culinary mastery, to learn what it is like to be a professional chef.  Students will be learning the techniques necessary to become a professional chef or enhance their own cooking skills!  So come on and join with us as we EXPERIENCE what it is like to be a chef an incredible gourmet restaurant, while coming closer together as a family!

Even if you don’t like to cook, don’t skip this unit!  You and your family will have so many opportunities to learn new skills together while growing closer, and you’ll even get to figure things out such as why some things are spicy and others sweet or how to trick your brain when you really hate the food set before you!  This unit also teaches you so much about the earth God created, the art of discovery, and the understanding of how everything perfectly comes together. You’ll even get to watch certain vegetables change right before your eyes! There are so many more exciting things you will get to experience through this unit so get ready for the release date, so you can see just what we mean!

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