Through the Eyes of | Pilot Life (COMING SOON!)

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For this pilot unit that we will be releasing, we have three contributors! The first contributor was a fighter pilot during Vietnam and was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery in combat. Among the planes he piloted, he also flew the F4 Phantom for the United States Air Force. The second contributor is an F16 pilot for the Air National Guard and also a commercial pilot for United. The third contributor was a C130 pilot in the United States Air Force and has also been a commercial pilot for 15+ years. We are so excited to have you join in this unit with us, to learn the ins and outs of what it is like to actually be a pilot—both during combat, and also as a civilian commercial pilot. The exciting adventures, the travel, the cockpit, the crazy schedule… come together with your family and experience together what it might be like.

Try out this unit and see if you might want to become a pilot, yourself!

Not interested in becoming a pilot? Don’t skip this unit! In this unit, the students get a chance to take a step back into history, are challenged to become inventors, and they even discover (through hands-on activities) certain laws of science!  This unit is a really great view into a profession that not many people experience, and the lessons learned with it are too many to count.  The career of a pilot is truly more exciting and more full of lessons than we realized!

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