Campfire Spark Members (FREE MONTHLY UNITS)

$17.99 / month

When you become a Campfire Curriculums Spark member, you receive:

    • 1 credit per month (which can be used on any unit–past, present, or saved for future)
      • 4-month minimum membership
      • Member accounts will immediately receive 1 credit when signing up, and an additional 1 credit every month after that
      • Use credits on any released unit, past or present… or save them for a future unit!
      • All credits do roll over, to be used by you at any time
        • This allows total flexibility in which unit you want to pick next for your family!
    • Contributions from experts and professionals in particular professions or skill trades from across the world
    • You get to keep your products forever, to be reused over and over again as the children grow
    • Just download, use on your device or print as desired, and go!

As we start out the 2020/2021 school year, we have already released or will release this month:
Through the Eyes of | ER LIFE — July 2020
With the Skills of | A CAMPER — August 20, 2020
In the Steps of | AN ISLANDER — September 30, 2020
In the Steps of | THE REAL PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN — September 30, 2020
Thanksgiving | SPECIAL EDITION — October 19, 2020
With the Skills of | HOME DEFENSE — October 31, 2020
Christmas | SPECIAL EDITION — November 15, 2020
Through the Eyes of | A VOLCANOLOGIST — January 31, 2021
Coming soon: 4+ more units for the year!!!


Our family dream was realized after months of interviews, job shadowing, graphic design coordinations, and hundreds of edits and revisions… to present to your family this wonderful program with beautiful artistry and professional photography.  Your family will thrive in these Campfire Sessions,™ which are extracurricular lesson plans deliberately-choreographed to include every family member together on each new monthly adventure.

Imagine this: in 20 minutes a lesson your family can grow closer through explorations of unlocked passions that would have otherwise gone undiscovered.

Allow us (with contributions from selectively chosen experts) to guide your whole family “Through the Eyes of” a professional as they share their lifelong passion, lessons, and expertise with you.

You will also develop your own first-hand experience from individuals like outdoor athletes and craftsman who will help teach you (through us) how to engage “With the Skills of” their trade, that took them decades of discipline to achieve.

Above all, we have built these experiential lesson plans on a scriptural foundation that will point your family to fix their hearts on the Lord… while growing closer together in an even stronger family bond.

Each of our Campfire Sessions™ teaches and shares so many more lessons than just what is on the cover.  Each unit’s true focus is to bring the family closer through activities and experiences, discussions and faith talks… no matter the unit topic.

With this membership you will get to join in each new Campfire Session™ together as a family–all year long or as frequently as you desire.

Want more of a discount? Our Campfire Flame Membership gives full access to ALL units (including the BONUS and HOLIDAY units)! You can also purchase an individual unit for only $29.95!

See our products page to choose this option.