A brief insight into our personal family’s teaching style (slightly irrelevant, but many have asked):

In our personal opinion, teaching or learning was never intended by God to be something where one sat at a desk for a certain amount of hours per day until he/she check-marked every single box.  We feel certain that Einstein didn’t spend all day working on his theory of relativity only to say at the end of the night, “Oh no! I forgot to study my language arts today.”  And yet, we wholeheartedly believe in a well-rounded education.  After all, what good is mastering or creating a scientific theory if you don’t know how to successfully communicate it to somebody else?  Likewise, what good is ignoring history if it can teach what theories have already been proposed and why they succeeded or failed, or perhaps share what other civilizations have already tried?

Unfortunately, we feel that most public institutions work backwards: teach the student the rules or concepts in a particular school subject, and then hope he or she miraculously becomes excited about it or applies it to a career one day.  Am I wrong in thinking this is why most of us parents have experienced that whole “memory dump” thing and only recall a small portion of what we learned in school? 🙂

We like to work in the opposite direction:

  1. Take what the student is already passionate about or finds fun and enjoyable
  2. Help the student to grow in that passion, while emphasizing critical thinking and different learning styles as they relate to skills/careers/life awareness
  3. Then use that to teach/connect other subjects in a way that will actually matter and be retained
  4. And, do all of this while building on the greatest foundation of all: a closer family with father involvement (if possible) and growth in faith. 
  5. **For the record, the “student” is even the parent, because nobody ever really stops learning, right?** 

We have some children very “advanced” and far-ahead in traditional educational skills.  We have others who aren’t as advanced (per public standards) but who are more creative, poetic, imaginative, skillful in the outdoors, and talented in other areas we could never have imagined.  We are proud of them all, equally, and this is our teaching style for all of them.  We learn right alongside them every day!

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