Not a homeschooler or a new to homeschooling?  In our opinion, YOU COULD USE THIS more than anyone! ESPECIALLY in this season of school closures with Covid.  Families and children are needing these types of activities.  All it takes is 20 minutes a lesson to reconnect and strengthen your family in a way you’ve never done before.  Since Campfire Curriculums™ is created to be used from home, all parents can use it as a supplementation to their family time or their child’s extracurriculars (especially since most extra curricular programs are now closed).  These units work well for parents of public schoolers who are trying to bring family closer or parents of private schoolers who are passionate about a certain skill or profession (or whatever else happens to be YOUR story)!  They also work very well for the family who is being forced to homeschool with school closures, and they need something exciting to do with their children during this difficult time.  WE ARE VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING NEW HOMESCHOOLERS, SO IF THIS IS YOU PLEASE CONTACT US WITH AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU HAVE–NO QUESTION TOO BIG OR SMALL!

Studies have shown that when children have only TEN minutes a day in experiential extracurriculars with a parent, their anger decreases, their emotional intelligence increases, their ability to self-soothe is enhanced, and family bonding is magnified.

Studies also show that when a student is able to participate in experiential extracurricular learning/activities, then:

  • Their overall cognitive function increases (3 times!)
  • Different parts of their brain are triggered and growing
  • Their core level education benefits (grades increase in unrelated courses)
  • The bonds between family are stronger than in other families
  • They become more well-rounded adults
  • AND they also have a higher rate of excelling in their career goals and passions that God has given to them.

So don’t ignore these courses/units just because you are new to homeschooling or child might not be homeschooled.  Everyone can do these!  

In fact, even though this is not core level education, it’s actually a great intro to homeschooling. To read more about what we offer and how this came about, go here.  To see a FREE LOOK INSIDE, go here.