…In our third category, we interview real people with unique experiences or knowledge, and we take your family to places in the world you might have never been.  Maybe that’s to the coldest climates in Alaska to learn how to survive with the natives, or an experience inside what it is like living without a home in America… maybe it’s getting inside the mind of a real-life criminal (with a real criminal profiler), perhaps it is a view into the life of real pirates (with contributions from historians and treasure hunters)…..  


Your family might learn how to live or adjust to living in different countries or continents. Or, you might be following the footsteps of certain peoples (Natives, Prisoners of War…).  All units are not based on “internet research,” but instead come with contributions from people in that particular topic.  


These are fascinating units which include experiential (and Charlotte-Mason based) activities specifically choreographed for emotional/intellectual/family growth (and fun)… 


Why is this important?   Imagine you have a family member passionate about becoming an archaeologist and doing work one day in the Middle East, and they know all about archaeology but nothing about actually living in the Middle East.  Imagine your family is feeling passionate about joining a ministry to certain regions or certain peoples, but you have no idea what those people groups or regions are actually like, or how to navigate their world.  Or maybe, you didn’t even know you had a desire to visit that particular region until you completed the unit!


Perhaps your family has a great fascination with things such as living on an island or what being a pirate was like…. or maybe you just want your family to enhance their awareness of what else is in the world… that’s what these units do!  


Units will include all journals [pre-reader to adult] and will have age-appropriate lessons/activities so all in the family can come together and experience fascinating life lessons as they are gathering near their own “campfire.” 


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