A brief “about us…”

We are the parents of 6: brand new all the way to upper middle/high school level (this all depends on how one classifies traditional grade levels, re: public school systems, age, etc.).  We are not personally on Facebook, but we do have a Facebook group if you’d like to follow along with other customers!

I was homeschooled and public schooled growing up (I experienced both worlds!), and our children have all been homeschooled throughout their lives. My husband is the really incredible one (yes, I’m biased), and you can read his background and story and why he created the curriculum over here

Together, we join with experts of different skills/professions o create the Campfire Curriculums™ units, for you.  You can click on over to view our Statement of Faith, or go HERE to see our YouTube channel, or go HERE for some of our podcast-ish material.

However… when you think of Campfire Curriculums, we want you to think of God, family, and dreams…..  We don’t want you to think of ‘us.’  This curriculum isn’t about us.  Yes, we will be sharing some basic information about ourselves, putting out some vlogs to hopefully connect to fathers, mothers, and others.  But, we wanted the curriculum to stand alone and redirect your focus to the things that matter most–not us.  

Please let us know if you have any more questions by heading over to our contact page!  

-Jennifer … not to be confused with the admin Jen on our Facebook group or Jennifer H re: customer service emails –haha!